Massage Establishments & Managers

​​​​​Who/What Requires a License?

Massage Establishment:  Any place of business or establishment wherein massage or touching techniques (P.C.C. 10-16.8) or massage therapy (P.C.C. 10-16.12) are administered, practiced or used, or from which is dispatched a person for the purpose of administering, practicing or using any of the subjects or methods of treatment listed for them in P.C.C. 10-16.

Massage Establishment Manager:  An individual authorized by the licensee to exercise overall operational control of the business, to supervise employees, or to fulfill any of the functions required of a manager. 


Application Packet & Process

License Information Update Form


Other Items You May Need:

From other City of Phoenix Departments:

Building or Use Permit(s) from the Planning & Development Department

From other State or County Agencies:

State Privilege (Sales) Tax License
Registration of LLC/Corporation with the AZ Corporation Commission​​​​