Homebuyer Eligibility Requirements and Resources

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Phoenix customer advisory services can assist you with details about how these requirements apply to you, explain the following steps to homeownership, and provide guidance on scheduling the required homebuyer education class and one-on-one budget and credit assessment. 

Phoenix Customer Advisory Services: Call 602-262-6602 or email nsphome@phoenix.gov.

Homebuyer Eligibility Criteria

  • Contribute 50 percent of the required down payment
  • Cannot be on the title of any residential property
  • Must be a permanent legal U.S. resident
  • Occupy the home as the primary residence
  • Earn within the program's income requirements

All activities funded by a NSP Phoenix Homebuying Program must benefit low-, moderate-, and middle-income persons whose incomes do not exceed 120 percent of the area's median income (AMI).  For example, a household of four can make $123,350 or less and still qualify. 

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120% AMI Income




Steps to Phoenix Homebuying Program

Refer to the Homebuyer's Guide and Checklist (PDF) or Buyer's Checklist and Guide (Spanish PDF) for detailed explanations of the steps to homeownership.  

STEP 1: Contact a lender familiar with City of Phoenix Homebuying Programs.  Apply for a home loan and obtain a pre-qualification letter.

STEP 2: Schedule a one-on-one credit assessment by contacting a HUD Certified Housing Counseling Agency (PDF).

STEP 3: Contact your HUD Certified Housing Counseling Agency (PDF) to schedule an eight-hour homebuyer education class.

STEP 4: The Housing Counselor sends the homebuyer's pre-qualification package to the City Loan Administrator.

STEP 5: City Loan Administrator reviews homebuyer’s eligibility and will execute a Homebuyer Eligibility Letter if the homebuyer is deemed eligible for the program.

STEP 6: Work with a real estate professional to find a qualified property and enter into a purchase agreement.

STEP 7: Verify the real estate professional forwarded the signed purchase contract to the Property Listing Agent and the City Loan Administrator.

Tip: Allow approximately 60 days from when the Property Listing Agent and City Loan Administrator receives the accepted contract for close of escrow.

STEP 8: City Loan Administrator performs the city's due diligence regarding the assistance loan.

STEP 9: Ensure lender sends loan documents to City Loan Administrator and the title company, at least 10 business days ahead of close.

STEP 10: City Loan Administrator contacts the homebuyer to schedule a Pre-close session to sign the City loan documents.

STEP 11: Arrange an appointment with the title company to sign the closing documents for the first mortgage.

HUD Certified Housing Counseling Agencies

The Housing Counselor provides a valuable service to homebuyers as they:

  • provide awareness of the home buying process
  • prepare buyers for the financial responsibility that come with owning a home
  • determine if the buyer is ready for homeownership
  • may be able to assist with additional down payment assistance programs and resources

All interested buyers must enroll in and complete an eight-hour homebuyer education class and a one-on-one household budget/credit assessment conducted by one of the following HUD Certified Housing Counseling Agencies (PDF).

Refer to the Checklist of Required Documents (PDF) for a list of required documents for your scheduled meetings.