Commercial Process Overview

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​​Some steps in this process may not be necessary, depending on the type of project. For example, a tenant improvement may not have any site issues while a new project or building addition would.

New commercial projects require preliminary site plan approval before building plans can be submitted for review. The first step in the site plan approval process is the site pre-application meeting. You can access this link to find  for a Pre-Application Submittal Checklist Commercial, Multi-family, and Subdivision (PDF) or a Pre-Application Submittal Checklist Downtown Code/Walkable Urban Code Projects (PDF).  A Preliminary Site Plan Checklist (PDF) can also be accessed.

Once preliminary site plan approval has been obtained, building plans may be submitted for review. Licensed professionals are required to prepare building plans for new commercial construction. Customers are advised to review the criteria for services of design professionals, ensure their licensing is up to date and review the Commercial Building Permit Submittal Checklist (PDF).

When ready to submit building plans the customer contacts the project team for a pre-submittal meeting. After authorization, the customer submits the required building plans, site plan and Construction Permit Plan Review Application (PDF) sheet at the payments and submittals counter. Plan review fees are collected upon submittal.

Staff reviews the plan for compliance with the approved preliminary site plan, project conditions of approval, the required building plan checklist and all applicable codes and ordinances. The assigned site planner reviews the site plan for approval. If corrections are required, staff will contact the customer to pick up plans, make corrections and re-submit for another review. Once approved, staff will create the necessary permits and contact the customer for pick-up.

Note: If a third review is required, additional fees must be paid.

The customer pays the appropriate permit fees and is given the building permit(s) and approved plans.

Flowchart and Major Steps

City Development Process Overview 

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