​Note: All documents are in pdf format.
Administrative Review, Interpretation, Modification, or Appeal Application (Code Modification)
Administrative Review, Property Line Application
Administrative Review, Water Sewer Application
Assumed Risk Affidavit and Policy
Backflow Installation Application
Carport Standard Application
Certificate of Observation for Airport Sound Mitigation
Certificate of Electrical Observation
Certificate of Mechanical Observation
Certificate of Plumbing Observation
Certificate of Structural Observation
Commercial/Multifamily Permit/Plan Review Application
Demolition Application
Elevator Application
Energy Compliance Certificate (Commercial)
Environmental Responsibility Acknowledgement and Certification
Extended Construction Work Hours Application
Fact Finding Application
Fence Application
Fire Permit Application
Notice of Intent - Construct Private Sewage Collection System
Permit Extension/Reinstatement Application
Plan Review Extension Application
Project Renewal Research Application
Public or Public Charter School Fact Finding Application and Checklist
Refund Request Application
Reroofing Application
Retaining Wall Application
Sewer, Low Slope Application and Instructions
Sewer Private, Forms Package
Civil-Landscape Submittal Application
Site Planning Submittal Application
Special Inspection Certificate, Architectural
Special Inspection Certificate, Electrical
Special Inspection Certificate, Geo Technical
Special Inspection Certificate, Plumbing/Mechanical
Special Inspection Certificate, Structural
Temporary Power Application
Utilities, Conditional Clearance Request-Agreement
Water Meter Application
Water Sewer Service Application