It is the responsibility of the City of Phoenix, and by extension the Environmental Services Division, to ensure that regulated industrial users comply with the Federal, State and City laws. To assist with investigating and responding to instances of industrial user noncompliance, the City of Phoenix has developed an Enforcement Response Plan (ERP) that outlines and describes available enforcement actions.Enforcement responses can range from a simple telephone call, to a formal Notice of Violation (NOV), or the assessment of penalties, or in rare situations  the termination of City services.​

Because some noncompliance problems may constitute criminal violations the city has developed a Civil Penalty Policy which contains detailed procedures outlining how the Environmental Services Division will calculate civil penalties.

The Environmental Services Division conducts Show Cause Meetings that are designed to thoroughly investigate alleged Wastewater Discharge Permit violations, ensure that the cause of the problem is identified, and to reduce the probability of future problems. Significant Industrial Users are afforded the opportunity to fully explain their actions taken to discover how problems occurred and how they were resolved. Show Cause Meetings typically conclude with a Pretreatment Settlement Agreement (PSA) between the City of Phoenix and the company.

Depending on the severity, frequency, and other conditions related to one or more violations, a regulated entity could be placed in a state of Significant Noncompliance (SNC).

While enforcement of laws and securing penalties for violations is a part of the city's responsibilities we take the approach of prevention rather than punishment.  Our inspectors work closely with and are available to our regulated industries to answer questions about their responsibilities. We have developed an education program, called the Pretreatment Compliance Academy, which allows industries an opportunity to learn about how and why the Industrial Pretreatment Program operates as it does. And we recognize those industries that maintain compliance.

Through education, availability and rewards, the City of Phoenix's Industrial Pretreatment Program is successful and nationally recognized.

Pretreatment Settlement Agreements

A Pretreatment Settlement Agreement (PSA) is an out-of-court settlement which legally describes the details of a negotiated agreement. A PSA stems from a Show Cause Meeting during which the City and an industrial user negotiate civil penalties and resolve disputes pertaining to violations of a Wastewater Discharge Permit and/or Federal, State, and Local wastewater discharge regulations.

The proposed PSA may be examined by clicking on the link below or by visiting the following City of Phoenix office:
Phoenix City Clerk
200 W. Washington, 15th Floor
Phoenix, AZ 85003
Telephone: 602-262-6811

The PSA is filed with the court following a 30-day public comment period and upon receipt of assessed civil penalties.

PSAs that are open for public comment are indicated as open below.

Facility Name:  Alsco, Inc.

Address:  4707 West Camelback Road, Phoenix, Arizona 85031    

Status:  Open

Close Date: 7/22/2021


The City of Phoenix will receive for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of publication,
comments relative to the proposed PSA. Comments should be addressed to:

Stephen L. Wetherell, Assistant City Attorney
City of Phoenix Law Department
200 W. Washington, Suite 1300
Phoenix, AZ 85003
Telephone: 602-262-4560​