Compliance Academy

ESD - Industrial Pretreatment Program​

The City of Phoenix Industrial Pretreatment Compliance Academy was originally established in the 1990’s to inform and educate permitted industrial facilities on the importance of and how to maintain compliance with the requirements of the Industrial Pretreatment Program.  Beginning in 2012, the Compliance Academy was expanded to also inform and educate industrial facilities about Stormwater Management requirements.

Students are awarded a Certificate of Completion with 2-3 Professional Development Hours (PDHs) at the end of each class. Those students who complete all six classes receive a Diploma.

The Compliance Academy "faculty" consists of either Senior Water Quality Inspectors who work directly with our industries, or Chemists and other staff having relevant technical expertise.

Class surveys indicate that the Compliance Academy has been well received and appreciated by the City's permittees. The Compliance Academy has been recognized by the Association of Municipal Sewerage Agencies as an innovative approach to regulatory compliance.

Visit the Class Topics page for a description of the Compliance Academy classes. Visit the Class Schedule page to see when the classes will be held.