Permitting Information

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​​Significant Industrial User (SIU) and Pretreatment Requirements

The EPA developed federal wastewater discharge limits for specific categorical processes. The City of Phoenix has also developed local limitations that generally apply to specific industrial processes. 

The City issues Class A industrial wastewater discharge permits to:​

Significant Industrial Users (SIU) operating federally regulated processes subject to categorical pretreatment standards under Title 40 the Code of Federal regulations:

-- Companies that discharge an average 25,000 gallons per day of process wastewater to City sewers.

-- Companies with effluent characteristics that indicate a potential to impact wastewater treatment facilities.​

City of Phoenix Code Chapter 28 spells out the various requirements and permit costs. The FAQ section provides briefer relevant Chapter 28 excerpts.


Wastewater Discharge Permit Application​

If you meet the criteria of an SIU and/or meet criteria as described in the below permitting flowchart, please contact and download and complete the Application.


Permitting Flowcharts

Questions about whether a permit is required?
Review this flowchart.

Like to know more about the permit process?
Review this flowchart. 

Permitting Time Frames

Applications for permits are subject to the Permitting (Licensing) Time Frames (State Law A.R.S. ss 9-835), which limits the number of business days the City of Phoenix has to review your project. To view a summary of the time frames click the link above.


Plan Review

Construction drawings and engineering design manuals for industrial manufacturing or industrial servicing facilities must be submitted for review and approval by the City of Phoenix Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP) prior to submittal to the City of Phoenix Planning Development Department. Please refer to the External Construction Plans Review Checklist.