​​Industrial Pretreatment

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    1. Under what authority does the city of Phoenix require a wastewater discharge permit?

    2. Does my business need a permit?

    • See the flowchart at the Permitting Information link for an overview of permitting requirements.

    • If you have any questions please contact us at 602-495-5926 or IPP.PlanReview@phoenix.gov.

    3. What is the city of Phoenix permitting process?

    4. How long does the permit process take, and how long are permits valid?

    • A business intending to start any new industrial discharge(s), or any additional industrial discharge(s) not already allowed under an existing permit, must apply for a new or amended permit at least ninety days prior to initiating such discharge(s) are issued permits.  Permits are valid for up to a five-year period.

    5. What are 'one-time' temporary discharge permits, and how do I get one?

    • One-time temporary discharge permits may be issued for the disposal of contaminated groundwater and other one-time discharges into the city of Phoenix sanitary sewer system.

    • Requests for one-time temporary discharge permits must use the ​Discharge Request Form found at the following link:  Click here.  This should be submitted at least 10 work days prior to the requested dischard start date. Additional considerations may required up to 30 days' notice. 

    • Email completed form to ask.water@phoenix.gov or fax to 602-534-7151.