‚ÄčIndustrial Pretreatment

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1. Under what authority does the city of Phoenix require a wastewater discharge permit?

Chapter 28 of the city of Phoenix Code gives the Water Services Department specific authority to issue permits to control the quantity and quality of wastewater discharged to our sanitary sewer collection system. The entire Chapter 28 can be reviewed from this link.

2. Does my business need a permit?

See the flowchart for an overview of permitting requirements. If you have any questions please contact us.

3. What is the city of Phoenix permitting process?

See the flowchart for an overview of our permitting process.

4. How long does the permit process take, and how long are permits valid?

A business intending to start any new industrial discharge(s), or any additional industrial discharge(s) not already allowed under an existing permit, must apply for a new or amended permit at least ninety days prior to initiating such discharge(s) are issued permits. Permits are valid for up to a five-year period.

5. What are 'one-time' temporary discharge permits, and how do I get one?

One-time temporary discharge permits may be issued for the disposal of contaminated groundwater and other one-time discharges into the city of Phoenix sanitary sewer system. Requests for one-time temporary discharge permits must be in writing and mailed to the Commercial Program Supervisor at (602) 495-7412 two weeks prior to the anticipated discharge date(s).