Etax - Account Inquiry

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1. Q: I inquired on the "Summary of Account Activity," but no results show. What do I do?
Check your search criteria. There may be no records for the tax type, or for the periods you selected. To view all results, click "Search" without entering any filters in the "Advanced Criteria."


2. Q: My bill and my balance online are different; why?
There are timing differences between the two sources. Your online balance will reflect activity up to the prior day while statements are generated around the 4th business day of the month.


3. Q: I filed/amended my tax return. Why doesn't this return reflect in my "Summary of Account Activity"?
When you submit an original return online, it takes at least 24 hours to process or post to your account. If it is an amended return or requires review by our Tax Accounting area, it will take longer to appear. As long as you receive a confirmation number at the time of submitting the return, the return has been received and there is no need to resubmit. If it has been 15 days since you filed the return and it still does not appear in the "Summary of Account Activity," please contact us with the confirmation number displayed on your tax return receipt.


4. Q: I don't think I owe the balance shown; what do I do?
If your balance appears to be incorrect, please check your records to identify which specific tax period appears to be in error. An incorrect balance could be caused by an error on your tax return that requires amendment or a misapplied payment. Please note that credits are not reflected on your summary as they are unapplied. If you would like to apply a credit that is valid and available to your balance, please submit a transfer of credit request to Tax Accounting by email at or phone at 602-262-6785, option 6. Include the details of the credit such as account number, credit amount, tax period and date of statement showing the credit as well as the details corresponding to where you would like the credit transferred to.