Etax Licensing

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​1. Q: I have more than one account number with Phoenix. How do I link my other accounts to my user ID?

A: Login to your account and select "Merge Accounts". Enter the license/account number that you would like to link to your User ID and click "Submit."

  • A PIN is sent to your email address. Return to the "Merge Accounts" page and re-enter the license/account number along with the PIN to add the account to your User ID. Once you "Submit" and log back in you will see that the new account number appears in the list of accounts.

  • If you receive an error message of "No Email ID is Present for the Account", please submit an email update form (PDF) to us and allow 30 days for processing before attempting again. The email address associated with your e-Tax & License Services account must be on record for the account number that you are attempting to add.

  • Accounts with an existing User ID cannot be linked with a different User ID using the "Merge Accounts" function. For this scenario, please contact us a request to reset your information to allow the association.


2. Q: Can I apply online for a different license type such as a Special Event Tax License, Liquor, Special Event Liquor or Regulatory License?

A: No.

  • If you need a Liquor, Special Event Liquor or Regulatory License, please contact License Services by phone at 602-262-4638 (#3 for Liquor/#4 for Regulatory), in person at: 200 W. Washington St., First Floor, Phoenix, AZ 85003, or online.


3. Q: How do I obtain my license online?


  • Regulatory or Liquor Licenses: Once the appropriate fees and/or paperwork have been submitted and/or approved, the license certificate will be printed and mailed to you.


4. Q: How do I cancel my license?


  • Tax or Regulatory Licenses: Please ensure that there are no open balances due or un-filed sales tax returns. These must be satisfied before your account can be canceled. Please contact us with a "Category" of Registration, a "Subject" of Cancel License and within the text box indicate your account number, effective date of cancellation and an explanation.

  • Liquor Licenses: Please contact the State Department of Liquor License and Control by phone at: 602-542-5141 or online.