Enroll in AutoPay

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What is AutoPay?

Never worry about missing a payment again. With AutoPay, your bills are paid automatically from your bank account – on time. No checks, stamps or late fees. Just ease.

Once you are enrolled, the City of Phoenix will withdraw your monthly City Services payment directly from your checking or savings account.

How to Enroll in Autopay

We're glad you're interested in signing up for AutoPay.  It really is a huge convenience and a great way to assure your bill is always paid on time.  Enrolling is simple and quick. 

What you need

Before you start, be sure you have your checking or saving account number and your city Services account number (If you plan to enroll using the paper form).

To enroll online:

1.  Sign in to PHX Pay Online, (If you've never used PHX Pay Online, it's easy to get started by visiting


2.  Select Settings from the main navigation bar.

3.  Scroll down to Automatic Method and click on update.

4.  Enter Your Name on your checking or savings account

5.  Select Payment Type - Checking or Enter Email Address checking or savings account

6.  Enter your checking or savings account Routing Number

7.  Enter your checking or savings Bank Account Number

8.  Enter a Max Amount.  This can be left blank or you can enter a number larger than your largest bill.

9.  Click Save

10. You are enrolled!


If you haven't already created a PHX Pay Online username and password, visit FAQ's and you can sign up for AutoPay at the same time.

To enroll by mail:

Download a copy of the AutoPay form, fill in the blanks, it must be signed and mail to us.  Click here to download a free copy of Adobe Reader.  Mail the form with the information provided below.  Be sure to include your bank's routing number on the AutoPay authorization form.

Mailing Address:

City of Phoenix

PHX Customer Services

Attention: Auto Pay

305 West Washington Street, Suite 200

Phoenix, Arizona 85003-2102


When it takes effect

AutoPay takes effect on your next billing cycle.

You'll know when it's working when you see a message on your bill saying, "Do not Send Payment.  Your bill is scheduled for electronic payment".

Until then, continue paying your bill as you've been doing

AutoPay Frequently Asked Questions

What is a routing number?

A routing number is a unique identifying number assigned to a bank or other financial institution by the American Bankers Association used to route check and transactions (see check example below). It is usually the first nine digits found at the lower left-hand corner of your personal check. If you can't find the routing number for your account, or need assistance, your bank can help you.
Sample check identifying location of routing and account numbers  

What if I don't know my account number?

If you don't know your account number you can email us.  In your email please include your service address and PIN number.

Will I receive a paperbill from the city of Phoenix?

Yes, you will continue to receive a paperbill each month.  If you would like to sign up for paperless billing.