16th Pl to 17th St, Wier to Tamarisk Ave Project

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The project includes improvements on South 16th Place, East Wier Avenue, East Violet Drive and South 17th Street between South 16th Place and Tamarisk Avenue.  The project will install sidewalks, ADA ramps and street lighting , upgrade existing street lights to LED if needed and will reconstruct driveways as needed to meet new City of Phoenix standards and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines.  Mailboxes, signs and utility boxes will also be relocated.


*New* Project Overview

Detailed Design Plans

Project Highlights

  • New sidewalks

  • New ADA ramps

  • Driveway reconstruction

  • Street lights

Goals of the Project

  • Improve pedestrian safety and accessibility


Anticipated Schedule

Design: Completed January 2021

​Construction: Began in March 2021

Construction has been completed July 2021


Project Contact

Andre Salais



Tariq Momika

​Project Area Map

Project Area Map with Legend