CIP Records Management & Maps

Existing City Facility Plans 

Police, Fire Stations, Parks and Recreation, Libraries, School Districts & and Many more...  **To obtain plans a records request form and photo I.D. are required.  

Record Plans

Capital Improvement Project (CIP) Public Records
for design and construction of City facilities and infrastructures
*Except facility plans.

Existing Construction Plans
Paving, Grading & Drainage, Storm Drain *All plans are in the public right of way **Water Sewer information available through the Water Services Department 602-262-6251. 


CIP Records Management & Maps Resources 

City Limits Boundary Map

Quarter Section Maps

Historic Maps

Frequently Asked Questions 

Public Records Fee Schedule


​​​ ​Hard Copy, Per Copy
​Quarter Section Map:​$5.00

​​Record Drawing Map:​$5.00
​Copier Size Paper:​​​$0.25
​Utility Plot:​​$3.00​
​​Digital Copy, Per Copy
​Non-Commercial Use:​$5.00 

*Public Records available in .pdf format up to 700 MB - Compact Disc.

​​ ​GIS City-wide Landbase Data, Per Copy 
​No​​n-Commercial use:​​$5.00​
​Commercial use:​$275.00


*Public Landbase Data is available in .dxf, .shp & .gdb format, on CD/DVD disc .

Records Fee Schedule

​​Hard Copy, Per Copy ​​
​Printer/C​opier print:​​​$0.25
​​Plotted Copy, Per Copy
​A size (8.5"x11") bond:​​$2.00​
​B size (11"x17") bond: ​​$2.25​
​C size (18"x24") bond:​​$2.50​
​D size (24"x36") bond:​$4.00​
​E size (36"x48") bond: ​​$5.00
​​Digital Copy, Per Copy
​Sca​n to .PDF format:​​$1.40​​

Regarding Sales of:
CIP records, Quarter Section Maps & GIS Data.
Contact: Central Records
Physical Address
Phoenix City Hall
200 W. Washington St. 7th Floor
Phoenix, AZ 85003-1611
M-F 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Regarding Development of:
Landbase, City Limits & Quarter Section Maps
Contact: Geographic Technology