Street Right-of-Way Landscape Maintenance Program

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The Phoenix Street Transportation Department is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of landscaped areas within the city-owned street right-of-way. This maintenance responsibility covers all roadways, medians, pedestrian walkways, frontages and overpasses. The landscape maintenance program is managed by the department's horticulturist, and the work is done by department staff and contracted landscaping vendors. The program includes weed control, litter pickup and landscape maintenance.

Street Right-of-Way Landscape Maintenance Program Contact Information

For issues with landscape within city-owned street right-of-way:

  • Tree issues and maintenance: 602-534-9440
  • Broken tree limbs or downed trees on public roadways: 602-262-6441;
  • Non-tree related landscaping issues (weeds, litter, landscape condition, irrigation, erosion): 602-534-9898;

Other city departments with tree and landscape responsibilities:

  • Sky Harbor International Airport and other city aviation facilities: 602-273-2195
  • Public Transit Department facilities: 602-262-7242
  • Parks and Recreation Department facilities: 602-262-6862​