​​​​​​​​​​​​​Street Transportation Services Impacted by Coronavirus 

As a public health precaution due to COVID-19 (coronavirus), the City of Phoenix is closing certain offices to the public. Our goal is to continue providing excellent service to you while protecting against the spread of illness. Critical business can be done by appointment only.

For assistance or to make an appointment, please contact Marina Smith at marina.smith@phoenix.gov​ during normal business hours.

These are necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. This guidance will be updated as needed. We look forward to serving you in person as soon as we can.

For the latest on COVID-19, go to cdc.gov/covid-19.

For information about other city services go to phoenix.gov/n​ewsroom. 

  • Please note:  On June 13, 2022 Utility Coordination moved to a new permitting platform and permit submittals on this site are no longer accepted.

    For assistance with submitting utility or small cell permit requests, please reach out to Denise Quiroz at Denise.quiroz@phoenix.gov

    For assistance with submitting utility or small cell inspection requests, please reach out to Charlie Giddens at Charles.giddens@phoenix.gov

The Utility Coordination Section oversees the processing of utility construction permits for all private utilities in the City of Phoenix rights-of-way and coordinates utility relocations and services on all city Capital Improvement Program (CIP) construction projects.  The City of Phoenix grants access to the City’s rights-of-way for installations, relocations, and removals of utility infrastructure by permit.  The Section reviews all construction plans by licensed or franchised dry utility companies for these types of work. When the plan submittals meet all applicable standards and regulations, a permit will be issued for construction. They work closely with other City Departments to ensure a timely and safe completion of all work with minimum disruption to the traveling public.

This Section also, through coordination with the utility owners, regulates the installation, removal, and relocation of utility facilities and handles all contractual agreements between the City of Phoenix and the utility owners and other governmental agencies for the City’s CIP construction projects. They also manage telecommunications licenses and the SRP Aesthetics program. ​


License and Permitting

Utility Company Permit Application

ASMA Permit Application


The City of Phoenix is divided into three geographical areas for utility coordination with one Team Leader assigned to each area.  You can access the Utility Coordination area map depicting the geographical divisions and section personnel.  You may contact the Team Leader directly with questions or comments concerning their areas of responsibility.  

Utility Coordination Org Chart​

Quarter Section Index Map

​Utility Inspections

The Utility Inspection section is responsible for inspection of all dry utility construction projects within the City of Phoenix Right-Of-Way for compliance to any and all plans, specifications and permitting requirements.

To contact the City of Phoenix Inspections, call:  (602) 534-1400.

Utility Inspection Area Map

UPIMS Application Information