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Between January 2019 and June 2023, the Street Transportation Department will undertake its largest and most comprehensive pavement maintenance program which entails accelerating pavement maintenance work on many of the city’s major streets.

During this period, more than 250 major-street miles will be repaved as part of the accelerated pavement maintenance program. This represents a 300 percent increase compared to the number of major-street miles the city traditionally paves each year.

The accelerated program will be accomplished in conjunction with the city’s pavement preservation program for local and collector streets. The acceleration of the city's pavement maintenance program will significantly improve the condition of city streets.



See where we’re paving next!

View the Interactive Pavement Maintenance Dashboard to see both completed and planned pavement maintenance projects. The planned projects were identified and prioritized based on street condition assessment data, field evaluations and public input. 

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MOBILE FRIENDLY DASHBOARD: The dashboard is best viewed on a large screen or desktop monitor. While not optimal on a smartphone, this mobile version is still fully functional on many phones and tablets.​ For paving in FY2024 and beyond, use this link for the mobile friendly Beyond APMP dashboard.

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Questions & Answers

What is the accelerated schedule?

The Phoenix City Council recently ​authorized advancing $200 million to accelerate pavement maintenance projects. The accelerated program includes pavement maintenance that was part of the original five-year work plan for 2019 through 2023. Those improvements will now be delivered between fiscal years 2019 and 2020. ​To develop plans for 2021 through 2023, the Street Transportation Department conducted street condition assessments, field evaluations and gathered public input. In June 2019, City Council ​approved the work plans for 2021 through 2023. Those plans can be seen on this dashboard.

How will the Accelerated Pavement Maintenance Program be funded?

The accelerated pavement maintenance program is funded through $200 million borrowed from future Transportation 2050 (T2050) street program revenues.

How will the city prioritize which major streets to include in the Accelerated Pavement Maintenance Program?

Included in the accelerated pavement maintenance program are some of the city’s most deteriorated major streets with an asphalt surface that has reached the end of its service life or where preventative treatments no longer benefit the road. Maintenance on these streets was previously approved by the Phoenix City Council. Street Transportation Department developed work plans for fiscal years 2021 through 2023 using a Pavement Management System methodology. The foundation of PMS is field data from a specialized van, the Automated Road Analyzer, or ARAN. ARAN is equipped with high-tech devices that measure and record road conditions to identify which streets require treatment. Learn more about ARAN here. In addition to utilizing the Pavement Management System methodology, public input, gathered from a robust community engagement process, was also considered in the development of the workplan for fiscal years 2021 through 2023.

What types of pavement maintenance will major streets receive?

As part of the accelerated pavement maintenance program, select major streets will receive a mill and overlay. A mill and overlay removes of the top layer of asphalt on the edges to accommodate a new layer of pavement. This technique is necessary when asphalt surface has reached the end of its service life or preventative treatments no longer benefit a road. In addition, as part of the city’s ongoing pavement maintenance program, pavement preservation treatments such as fog seal, crack seal and resurfacing will continue to be used to extend the service life of local streets throughout the city. Mill and overlay work will also be performed on local streets that have reached the end of their service life. More information about pavement preservation treatments can be found at phoenix.gov/PavementProgram.

Since the current pavement maintenance workplan (fiscal years 2019 through 2023) will be accelerated, will there be a significant increase in street closures and restrictions?

With the acceleration of the current pavement maintenance program, multiple streets will be under repair simultaneously. The city will look to minimize restrictions and closures, as much as possible, to provide a safe work zone, maintain access and reasonable flow of traffic.


Program Contact

Phone: 623-825-3444
Email: pavement@phoenix.gov  ​