16th Street Walking Path from Dobbins Rd to South Mountain Ave

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Project Overview

A pre-design project developed three solutions for improving accessibility, comfort, safety, and connectivity for walking and riding bicycles along 16th Street from Dobbins Road to South Mountain Avenue. This project was identified after residents requested it through the Street Transportation Department’s Mobility program

Project Overview

The project will improve safety and accessibility by the installation of a pedestrian walking path along 16th Street.

​​​Background and Existing Conditions

  • The project area is a 0.5 mile length of 16th Street from South Mountain Avenue to Dobbins Road.
  • Project consultants were selected in 2022 and later completed a pre-design study which produced three project alternatives.

  • Project management staff has had several conversations with the South Mountain Concerned Citizens Group (SMCCG).

  • Staff proposes moving forward with an interim solution of an asphalt walking path along the east side of 16th Street.

Drainage Considerations

​Two of the design alternatives proposed major drainage components. The city's General Obligation Bond (GO Bond) has an area drainage project that would result in flooding mitigation through the installation of curb, gutter and storm drain infrastructure. The timeline for this more intensive construction project is not yet clear. The asphalt path was selected as an interim solution until the GO Bond project can provide more permanent drainage and pedestrian infrastructure. 

Project Timeline

The construction phase is funded in FY24. The project team held a community open house on February 1 during which residents responded favorably to the proposed project. Construction is anticipated to begin in spring/summer 2024.

Project Contact

John Dickson ​-- Project Manager

Phone: 602-495-3697

​​Project Area Map