68th St., Chauncey Ln., Princess Dr., Allied Way

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About the Project

The Phoenix Street Transportation Department is proposing safety upgrades that would impact 68th Street, Chauncey Lane, Princess Drive and Allied Way in the area bordered by Mayo Boulevard and Scottsdale Road. The proposed changes would increase safety for all roadway users, including people walking and bicycling.

The proposed project is a second phase to changes that were made in this area in 2022, when the Street Transportation Department reduced the curve of 68th Street and Princess Drive to one lane in each direction. That change was made to help reduce collision occurrences. This second phase would extend the lane reduction to the other roadways in this area, and create a uniform design, and driving and bicycling​ experience.

Proposed Changes

The department is proposing the following for this area:

  • Change the current street design from two lanes in each direction with a two-way center turn lane and bike lanes, to a design of one lane in each direction with a two-way center turn lane and painted buffered bike lanes​ 
  • Install a crosswalk on 68th Street at Chauncey Lane​ (crosswalk will be installed only if the other proposed design changes are made)

Scroll down to view cross-section diagrams that show the current street design and proposed street design.

Please note that if these changes listed above were to take effect, the turn lanes at the traffic signals along Mayo Boulevard and Scottsdale Road would remain in place.

Buffered bike lanes add space between people driving and people walking or biking for increased protection from vehicles, improved safety and added comfort. Additionally, the visual narrowing of the lane widths to accommodate bike lanes will help guide cars and deter speeding.

 September 14, 2023 Public Meeting

​Roll Plot

​View a detailed engineering diagram​​

Contact the Project Team

Email RoadSafety​@phoenix.gov to submit a question to the project team.​

Existing Design and Proposed Changes

​Current Street Design

Current Lane Configuration on 68th St

Proposed Street Design

Proposed Lane Configuration with Buffered Bike Lanes