Maryland Avenue (3rd Avenue to 20th Street) Proposed Updates

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​September 2022 Update​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The Street Transportation Department has reached a final decision on this project. To view the details and read the decision letter, click here. ​

To see a detailed view of the final cross sections, click here. ​

About the Project

​The City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department is proposing an update to the parking lanes and bike lanes on Maryland Avenue from 3rd Avenue to 20th Street. 

If approved, the timeline for the project would be summer/fall 2022. ​

Project Details

The department is proposing three options for this area:

  1. Option A: No changes would be made along this stretch of road. 
  2. Option B: Remove parking on one side of the road to host a fully functioning bike lane at all times.
  3. Option C: Remove parking on both sides of the road and add buffers to the existing bike lanes. 

Roll Plots

​View Roll Plot for Option A
View Roll Plot for Option BView Roll Plot for Option C

Live Virtual Public Meeting

A live virtual public meeting was held June 2, 2022 via Webex to discuss the project. ​A video recording is posted above and also is available on YouTube​

Project Survey 

A project survey was made available through June 19, 2022.


Contact the Project Team

E-mail to submit a question to the project team. 

Overview of Proposed Options

Option A 

Current Maryland Avenue design: Two driving lanes in each direction, bike lanes and a parking lane in some locations. Parking is allowed in bike lanes from 6 p.m. to 7 a.m. and all day on weekends.​

Option A.png

Option B

Proposed Maryland Avenue design: One driving lane in each direction, with bike lanes and on-street parking in some locations. No parking is allowed in bike lanes.

Option B Maryland.png

Option C

Proposed Maryland Avenue design: One driving lane in each direction, with buffered bike lanes. No on-street parking is available. 

Option C.png