​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Cool Corridors Program​​

About the Program 

As part of its Climate Action Plan Framework, the city of Phoenix aims to create a network of cool corridors across its communities to encourage movement from residential homes to various areas across the city that is safe and environmentally-conscious. This goal will be made possible by the implementation of the Cool Corridors Program.

The Street Transportation Department implemented the Cool Corridors Program in 2020, with Council-approved funding of $1.5 million, to assist with planting 200 trees per mile for a total of 1,800 new trees planted across nine project areas citywide.

The department's Cool Corridors program is a part of Phoenix's more comprehensive Tree and Shade Master Plan and is supported by continuous research, prioritization and assessment through a partnership with Arizona State University and other partners.

​Identifying and Prioritizing

Through data collection of four variables -- neighborhood heat vulnerability, transit dependency, pedestrian use and shade coverage and temperature--city staff and researchers were able to develop a ranking system that identifies heat-vulnerable areas in the city, which ultimately sets investment priorities.

cool corridor.png

Click here to see a zoomed in version. ​

​Education and Community Outreach

Cool Corridors are one-mile long pathways, walkways or trails adjacent to an arterial street designed to keep pedestrians, bicyclists and transit users safe and provide relief from the high temperatures of our urban desert landscape. Cool Corridors can have natural and engineered shade, combined with other temperature-lowering design features, such as benches, drinking water fountains and even communications tools. These design features can be achieved through public and private partnerships and resources.

The Street Transportation Department currently is focused on planting trees in heat-vulnerable areas. In late spring 2022, the Street Transportation Department the Phoenix community's assistance in determining where 200 trees should be planted. ​​

Tell Us Where to Plant Trees

We have created an interactive map of Phoenix with highlighted sections, identified as "good candidates" for the Cool Corridors Program. After a very brief survey, you have the opportunity to electronically plant a tree anywhere within the highlighted sections. Before you start this exercise, you may want to consider the following:

  • Area(s) where you'd like to walk, bike, jog, etc. if it had more shade structure along the pathway.
  • Area(s) where you'd rather walk, bike, etc. to get to your destination (work, favorite coffee shop, lunch spot, fitness) because parking is scarce.
  • Area(s) of businesses you frequent that could benefit from more shade to invite more customers.
  • Area(s) near schools so the little ones are protected from the heat when they walk, bike, or ride their scooter to school.

You can electronically plant as many trees as you want within the highlighted sections.

Ready to start planting? Then click here to start the short survey and begin planting on our interactive map.

Volunteer Opportunities

You got extra time? We want it. Here are some opportunities that you might be interested in taking part.