Capitol North Neighborhoods

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Mobility Study Goal

The goal of the T2050 Mobility Studies is to improve safety, connectivity, and accessibility for all people -- regardless of their age or ability level -- who walk, ride a bicycle, or use transit to get to their important destinations.



​Mobility Area Description

The south half of the Capitol North Neighborhoods Mobility Area almost exclusively is occupied by Arizona state government offices, including the capitol complex, and is a gateway neighborhood in​to downtown Phoenix. Grand Avenue is in the northeast corner of the Area which, over the past decade, has become a thriving arts and food district. Capitol Elementary is the only school present. There are two parks -- University Park and Woodland Parkway -- with Hu-O-Te Park lying just outside the Area. Central Arizona Shelter Services is located in the southeast corner of the Area and provides services to people in need, including housing facilities for the homeless.

​Mobility Area ​Location Map

Locator map​​​




Key Destinations


Capitol Elementary School                        University Park

Grand Avenue Arts District                       Mother of Mercy Mission

Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza                   Arizona State Capitol

Central Arizona Shelter Services              Phoenix Chin Bethel Church

King's Chapel Altar of Prayer                    Neighborhood Ministries

Van Buren Street restaurants/shops

Update / Next Steps

A list of proposed recommendations to improve pedestrian and bicycle mobility in the Durango Curve Neighborhoods were identified by the study team based on an analysis of the study area and public input. This list is included in the Proposed Conditions Report available below in the Study Documents section. 


Public Input

Thank you for your interest in making our city streets safer and more livable. Opportunities for public involvement will be posted on this webpage as they become available.


​Project Manager Contact Information

Brian Fellows
Principal Planner
(602) 534-2163

Updated April 2023