South Mountain Neighborhoods

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Mobility Study Goal

The goal of the T2050 Mobility Studies is to improve safety, connectivity, and accessibility for all people -- regardless of their age or ability level -- who walk, ride a bicycle, or use transit to get to their important destinations. 


​Mobility Area Description

Located about three miles south of downtown Phoenix, the Area primarily is residential, with the exception of the larger intersections. The South Central Phoenix Light Rail extension soon will travel through this Area and provide connection between South Phoenix and downtown cultural, sports, and employment destinations. The Area has many schools, both public, charter, and parochial. The​se include Sunland Elementary School, South Mountain High School, Rose Linda School, J.F. Kennedy Elementary, C.O. Greenfield Elementary, Amy Houston Academy, V.H. Lassen Elementary, Ignacio Conchos School, John R. Davis School, C.J. Jorgenson Elementary, Pleasant View Baptist School, Champion Schools, Victory High School Inc., NFL Yet College Prep, and Phoenix Collegiate Academy. Momo Park, El Resposo Park,  and Roesley Park are within the Area, while Hayden Park and Circle K Park lie immediately outside.

​Mobility Area Location Map

aerial view of map



​Key Destinations

  • ​Sunland Elementary School

  • Rose Linda School

  • C.O. Greenfield Elementary

  • V.H. Lassen Elementary

  • John R. Davis School

  • Pleasant View Baptist School

  • Victory High School, Inc.

  • Phoenix Collegiate Academy

  • El Reposo Park

  • Hayden Parks

  • ​South Mountain High School

  • J.F. Kennedy Elementary

  • Amy Houston Academy

  • Ignacio Conchos School

  • C.J. Jorgenson Elementary

  • Champion Schools

  • NFL Yet College Prep

  • Momo Park

  • Roesley Park

Public Input

Thank you for your interest in making our city streets safer and more livable. Opportunities for public involvement will be posted on this webpage as they become available.

​Project Manager Contact Information

Brian Fellows

Principal Planner

(602) 534-2163

Updated April 2023