Westside Neighborhoods

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​​​​​​​​​​ Mobility Improvement Program

Westside neighborhoods 







Mobility Study Goal

The goal of the T2050 Mobility Studies is to improve safety, connectivity, and accessibility for all people -- regardless of their age or ability level -- who walk, ride a bicycle, or use transit to get to their important destinations.  ​

Mobility Area ​Description                     Mobility Area Location Map

The Westside Neighborhoods Mobility Area is mostly composed of single-family homes, but there are several condominium and apartment complexes, particularly along Thomas Road and Osborn Road. Three schools are located here: Justine Spitalny Elementary, P.T. Coe Elementary, and West Phoenix High School. Three others are located adjacent to the Area, including Joseph Zito Elementary, Pueblo Del Sol Elementary, and Madrid Elementary. There are two parks in the Area -- Orme Park and Ladmo Park -- with Sueño Park lying just outside of the Area on the south side of Encanto Boulevard.





Key Destinations

Madrid Elementary School                           Joseph Zito Elementary School

Justine Spitalny Elementary School            P.T. Coe Elementary School

Pueblo del Sol                                                West Phoenix High School

Ladmo Park                                                     Orme Park

Sueno Park                                                      Betania Presbyterian Church

Church of the Good Samaritan                     Maryvale Church of the Nazarene

Neighborhood Church Assembly of God   Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

West Congregational Church                       Adam Diaz Senior Center

Concentra Urgent Care                                 Corner shops (43rd Ave & Thomas Rd.)

Corner shops (35th Ave & Thomas Rd.)


Update / Next Steps

A list of proposed recommendations to improve pedestrian and bicycle mobility in the Westside Neighborhoods were identified by the study team based on an analysis of the study area and public input. This list is included in the Proposed Conditions Report in the Study Documents section. 

Study Documents


Public Input

Thank you for your interest in making our city streets safer and more livable. Opportunities for public involvement will be posted on this webpage as they become available.

Project Contact

Brian Fellows - Principal Planner



Updated April 2023