Oak Street Improvement Project

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​December 2021 Update

Asphalt mill and overlay activities will begin on Thursday, November 9 and continue over several days; please be aware that water does not run off ​your property and into the street before, during or immediately after the treatment begins as water is the enemy of good pavement rehabilitation. ​

Construction Notice December 2021

​​​Construction Field Change​

October 2021 Update

Crack and micro sealing activity will begin Tuesday, November 2 and continue over several days, weather permitting. This is a pavement preservation treatment being applied to Oak Street where recent construction activity has been underway. 

Construction Notice October 2021​​​​

August 2021 Update 

Sidewalk improvements​ along Oak Street from 14th Street to 15th Street will begin on August 16, 2021. Please see the construction notice below in both English and Spanish. This will take approximately two weeks to complete.

Construction Notice August 2021

May 2021 Update

Construction of the improvements to Oak Street and 20th Street will begin May 10, 2021. Please see the construction notices below. If or when access to individual properties will be affected, subsequent notices will be issued to those property owners.

​Construction Notice June 2021


​Construction Notice May 2021

Materials Shared at 2-27-2020 Open House

Oak Street Project Overview Boards.pdf

Oak Street Design 3rd St to 14th St Roll Plot.pdf

OakStreet Design 15th St to 51 Freeway.pdf

Oak Street Design 20th Pl to Grand Canal.pdf

Phoenix street sceneProject Overview

As part an effort to make the City’s roadways safer for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians while improving connections with transit, the City of Phoenix, Street Transportation Department is proposing a series of transportation improvements for Oak Street.

The proposed project will greatly enhance connectivity with existing and planned bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and transit service for this transportation corridor.  Additional improvements include traffic calming measures at key locations and improved major street crossings.

The Oak Street corridor from Third Street to the Grand Canal was identified as priority #13 out of 39 corridors for implementation in the City of Phoenix Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) adopted by City Council in November 2014.  Due to connectivity of the corridor with adjacent BMP projects, and the larger bicycle network, City staff applied for and was awarded a Maricopa Association of Governments Design Assistance Grant to complete a project assessment report addressing safety improvements for the Oak Street bicycle corridor to provide a low-stress environment for bicyclists. 

Oak Street is a collector street in Central Phoenix, one-half mile south of Thomas Road and one-half mile north of McDowell Road.  The City identified Oak Street for bicycle facility improvements because as a collector street it is part of the City grid system and has lower vehicle counts than arterial streets to the north and south.  As a two-lane roadway, Oak Street can provide a safe, easy, low-stress route for bicyclists. 

The proposed plan for this project maintains the existing number of travel lanes on Oak Street and includes bike lanes and sidewalks.  The proposed improvements for this project include: Phoenix street with faded paint markings

  • Bike Lanes
  • Two-Way Cycle track
  • Sidewalks
  • Intersection Pavement Markings and Improvements
  • Signage
  • Street Lighting
  • Traffic Calming Applications to Slow Vehicular Traffic
  • Improved Drainage
  • Modified and Improved Crossings at 7th Street, 16th Street and Thomas Road
  • Improved Connectivity to the Grand Canal and Future 20th Street Bike Improvements

As part of the proposed plan for this project, the existing curbside parking on Oak Street will require the following modifications:

  • 3rd Street to 7th Street – Parking permitted on the north side only
  • 10th Street to Dayton Street - Parking permitted on south side only
  • Dayton Street to 12th Street – Removal of south side parking
  • Edgemere Street to Evergreen Street - Parking permitted on south side only
  • Evergreen Street to 14th Street - Parking permitted on the north side only
  • 16th Street to 19th Street – Removal of north side parking

Updated Project Rendering

Proposed Project Rendering 


Project Location / Resources

Oak Street from Third Street to the Grand Canal

The Oak Street bicycle corridor begins at the intersection of Oak Street and Third Street, continues east along Oak Street to SR-51, and utilizes the existing pedestrian bridge to cross SR-51.  The corridor then continues north along the east side of SR-51.  The corridor follows 20th Place between Oak Street and Sheridan Street, and then utilizes an existing concrete path between Sheridan Street and Thomas Road.  The corridor crosses Thomas Road at the 20th Street/Thomas Road intersection, and then continues north along 20th Street to the Grand Canal.

Oak Street Study Area Map

Oak Street Project Assessment Report (October 2016)

Proposed Design Plans and Information Presented at the Feb. 22, 2017 Open House Meeting

Listed below is the project information that was presented at the public meeting held for this project on February 27, 2019.

Oak Street Improvement Project - Information Display Boards (2-27-19 Public Meeting)

Oak Street Improvement Project - Presentation (2-27-19 Public Meeting)

Oak Street Improvement Project 30-Percent Design Plans (1 of 2)

Oak Street Improvement Project 30-Percent Design Plans (2 of 2)

​Project Status

Recommended Concept – 2016/2017
Design – 2020
Project is complete, May 2022

Project Contact​

​Albert Granillo - Public Information Manager 

Email: OakStreetProject@phoenix.gov

Phone: 623-825-3444


Updated June 2022