Pedestrian Safety Improvements at 19th Avenue and Sunnyside


Project Description​

The Street Transportation Department is continually seeking ways to make city streets safer for all road users. Along 19th Avenue, just north of Sunnyside, there is an existing enhanced crosswalk, which you will see on the images to the right. Despite the installation of this more visible crosswalk with a pedestrian refuge island, there have been four pedestrian collisions since its installation. The Street Transportation Department sought and received community and resident input on two alternatives to increase pedestrian safety in this area. 

Thank you to our community, Fellowship Square and others who provided valuable input on this survey. Due to changes in how people will access Fellowship Square and the support from the public, the Street Transportation Department has made a decision. Street Transportation will build a new signal at the intersection of 19th Avenue and Sunnyside. This signal will be accompanied by crosswalks for all four directions. The signal will include pedestrian push buttons to activate a pedestrian crossing cycle that will provide adequate time for people crossing in any direction. 

The pedestrian crossing, median island and flashing signals just north of Sunnyside will be removed. 

Background Information

​The alternatives were:

1.  Replace the existing crosswalk with a
High-intensity Activated crossWalK (HAWK) just south of the existing pedestrian crossing location. This would include removal of the concrete pedestrian island.


2.  Fully remove the pedestrian crosswalk at its existing location and relocate it south, at the intersection of 19th Avenue and Sunnyside and installing a new full traffic signal with crosswalks in all four directions.

Both options would enhance the safety of individuals who seek to cross the road to get to stores, bus stops or other destinations. 

Project Contact

Mailén Pankiewicz
(602) 495-7065

Updated May 2021

​Project Area

Project Area near the intersection of 19th Avenue and Sunnyside

Existing Enhanced Crosswalk with Pedestrian Island