3rd Street Rio Salado Projects

​​The City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department is in the planning stage for two projects that would provide a comfortable, low-stress connection for residents walking or riding bicycles from downtown Phoenix to or across the Rio Salado.​

  • ​​Project No. 1: 3rd Street, Rio Salado to Lincoln Connector​
  • Project No. 2: 3rd Street Rio Salado Bike/Pedestrian Bridge

The 3rd Street Rio Salado Bike/Pedestrian Bridge will be ​funded thanks to a U.S. Department of Transportation RAISE grant. The grant was awarded to the city in August 2022. ​

Both projects were identified as part of the Transportation 2050 (T2050) Mobility Program and were assigned high priority for the South Downtown Neighborhoods Mobility Study Area.

The video below is an introduction to both projects.​ 

Follow this page for information regarding future community feedback opportunities.​

View project area map​ (click image to enlarge)Project Area Map

 Virtual Public Meeting: October 2021

Project Materials

Results of August 2021 Initial Project Survey
Results of October 2021 Project Survey

Adjacent Project Materials

Draft 15% Design Plans (PDF)​​

Design Concept Report (PDF)​​

Project Contact

Tariq Momika, Project Manager

3rd Street, Rio Salado to Lincoln Connector

If funded and built, this project would provide a low-stress walking and biking connection between the north bank of the Rio Salado multi-use path into downtown Phoenix along the 3rd Street alignment.

Project benefits:

  • Empower residents and school children to access Rio Salado, thus encouraging healthy, sustainable activity

  • Create an easier way to get to the Rio Salado path network and habitat

Project features:

  • 12 to 18-foot wide, concrete multi-use path

  • 5-foot concrete sidewalks

  • ADA curb ramps

  • Curbs and gutters

  • Shade trees

  • Street lighting

  • Shared lane markings

  • Pedestrian signals​​

Tentative Project Schedule

Planning, Pre-Design and Construction: TBD

Street Transportation Title VI and ADA Program
Title VI Notice to the Public and ADA Policy Statement

The City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department hereby gives notice that it is the agency's policy to assure full compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title II of The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and related statutes and regulations in all program​​​​​​​s and activities. These federal statutes require that no person shall, on the grounds of race, color, or national origin, be excluded from the participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise subjected to discrimination under any program, activity or service the City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department administers. More information regarding the Title VI program can be found at Street Transportation Title VI and ADA Program or email  STR Title VI Program.​​​

​3rd Street Rio Salado Bike / Pedestrian Bridge

The bridge project will be ​funded thanks to a U.S. Department of Transportation RAISE grant. The grant was awarded to the city in August 2022. 

The bridge will provide a seamless, safe, and comfortable connection across the Rio Salado for residents walking and biking.  The scope of this project consists of constructing a bicycle and pedestrian bridge across the Rio Salado River along the 3rd Street alignment and improves the southern bank trails of the Rio Salado by adding low-emitting solar pedestrian-scale lighting and pathway amenities between Central Ave and 40th Street. The project limits are within the Salado Right of Way. Providing access to connect with 3rd Street is not part of this project. 
Project benefits:

  • Establishes a regional connection from Phoenix to Tempe and Mesa for residents walking or biking
  • Connects much of south-central Phoenix to both sides of the Rio Salado
  • Provides the opportunity to recreate, exercise and commute on a paved path free of conflict with people driving cars/trucks at higher speeds

TY Lin consultant was selected by Maricopa Association of Government (MAG) in 2021 to provide Feasibility study and project assessment report. The executive summary of the study shows that there were three alignments and five types of bridges evaluated. 

The 3rd street alignment was selected based on input from stakeholder outreach, public surveys, a public meeting, and available information regarding opportunities and constraints within the project area. 

A preferred bridge type has not been selected at this time as additional public engagement is anticipated to inform selection of the preferred bridge type and associated aesthetics. The city is planning to engage one of its on-call public engagement consultants to provide public outreach services during design and construction.

The Project's design work will take place between 2023 and 2025. Geotechnical investigation will be a part of the design scope. Additionally, the environmental analysis and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) clearance approval will be completed at the same time as the design process, through a separate project contract. The application for 408 permitting for geotechnical investigation is underway with the US Corp of Engineers USACE. Following USACE408 permit approval. The city is addressing multiple options for the construction delivery method depending on the time and resources. Design Bid Build and Construction Manager at Risk are options being considered to deliver the project. A final determination will be made before the end of 2023.

Bid advertisement or Guaranteed Maximum Price and award is anticipated early in 2027.

Tentative Project Schedule

Design starting Date: November 2023
Design schedule: Fall 2023-Fall 2025
Federal Fund Obligation: September 2026
Construction: Fall 2027-Fall 2029​