Meet Detective ARAN

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​Meet Detective ARAN

Detective ARAN is collecting evidence of road conditions to plan pavement maintenance treatments to help keep Phoenix streets in good condition.

ARAN stands for Automated Road Analyzer. This high-tech vehicle is equipped with cameras and software to collect, categorize and assess road quality. Using a high-speed profiler, it evaluates roughness, smoothness, cracking and rutting as it travels along with the flow of traffic.

ARAN delivers roadway information to our city experts using video, still-photo images, GPS locations and precise measurements of pavement condition.

All of this information and more is used to schedule roadway repairs based on objective scientific data to ensure roads are proactively and equitably maintained based on need.

Phoenix is paving more than ever before! This data-driven approach, coupled with community input, helped prioritize which streets would be treated through the City Council-approved Accelerate​d Pavement Maintenance Program. Through this program, a record number of street miles have been treated in recent years.​

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How ARAN Benefits YouARANAtWork.PNG

ARAN helps use taxpayer money more efficiently and equitably to maintain and improve the overall road network.

There is no need to restrict public access to roads during data collection and assessment. ARAN travels along with the flow of traffic and gathers data at normal road speeds.

With the specialized information gathered, including 3-D analytics, the Street Transportation Department will make on-time, accurate roadway choices for repair and resurfacing.

ARAN Fun Facts

  • It takes approximately two calendar years to survey all of Phoenix's local and major streets.
  • During that process, 15,000 total lane miles will be evaluated.
  • Detective ARAN is making a difference by keeping his eyes on Phoenix roadways. This program is part of the Phoenix Transport​ation 2050 plan.


Detective ARAN is continuously collecting data along roadways citywide. If you spot him, let us know on social media by using #DetectiveARAN.

2024 Data Collection Schedule Updates:​ ​

As of May 16, data collection is scheduled to start along the residential streets within the boundary of Beardsley to Happy Valley Road between 67th Avenue and 55th Street.​