​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Baseline Road Fiber-Optic Cable Installation​​​

About fiber-optic cables:​

Fiber-optic cables are made up of many super thin strands of optical glass fiber that make it possible to transmit large amounts of information over long distances. The city of Phoenix uses fiber-optic cables as the main way it gets traffic data to and from its traffic signals. Fiberoptic connections can share large data streams such as camera images, which are important for traffic engineers who monitor the flow of traffic. When there is a wreck or a large vehicle backup, traffic engineers can immediately make changes to signal timing to safely move vehicles along a stretch of road. This is possible at most, but not all, the city's 1,160 signalized intersections.

Building and maintaining a robust underground fiberoptic network has other benefits, too. While the city does need access to a portion of the cable, it does not need all its capacity. Excess capacity can be used by other city agencies to provide better interconnected and more stable service to emergency responder agencies, public schools, and other public agencies.

About the project:

Right now, the Street Transportation Department is starting the installation of new fiber-optic cable along Baseline Road from 202 to I-10. This work will primarily take place in the city's right-of-way next to Baseline Road but some lane restrictions will be needed as the work proceeds.

Street Transportation and its contractors will work to minimize disruption as much as possible. Please slow down and use extra caution in work zones so our crews stay safe while working to improve your community.

About the project location and limits: 

baseline project limits.JPG

Download a PDF here​ of the project location and its limits. 

Construction schedule:

Construction began in June 2022.

Construction is anticipated to be complete June 2023. 

Project Contact:

Your Project Marketing & Outreach, LLC
Hotline Number: (602) 235-2035

Project manager:

Tariq Momika
Phone: (602) 534-7062
E-mail: tariq.momika@phoenix.gov​

Updated December 2022​