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Project Updates

Project Update Notice - May 2022

Project Update Notice - March 2022

The Phoenix Street Transportation Department appreciates the community’s participation and thoughtful input while it considered proposed changes to the section of Fillmore Street from Central Avenue to 7th Street. City staff used stakeholder input gathered during various outreach efforts and engineering judgment to select the final design.

In March 2022, the department shared with the community that the final design for the section of 1st Street to 7th Street would include bike lanes with vertical delineators. 

Following additional design work, in May 2022, the department updated the community about the Central Avenue to 1st Street section, informing residents that bike lanes with vertical delineators will be installed along that stretch and all on-street parking would be removed.​

​​About the Project

​​The Street Transportation Department proposed adding bike lanes to Fillmore Street from Central Avenue to 7th Street. The proposal was to remove two driving lanes and add buffered bike lanes, and that vertical protection would be added to the bike lanes where possible.

Prior to the proposed changes, there were sharrows and a continuous green stripe in the outside driving lanes of Fillmore Street. The proposal was to replace those driving lanes with bike lanes, and remove the green stripes and sharrows.


Project Area​

​The area for proposed lane changes is on Fillmore Street from Central Avenue to 7th Street. Additionally, the Street Transportation Department is developing a plan for more bike infrastructure improvements east of this project area. 

For more information about that project, visit the Garfield-Edison Park (Villa/Fillmore Bike Boulevard) Proposed Bike Improvements webpage.​​​


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Public Input Opportunities 

A live virtual public meeting was held on December 14, 2021 at 6 p.m. via Webex. ​A recording of the meeting is available above or via YouTube​.


A community survey to gather project feedback closed January 16, 2022. 

View a detailed tra​ffic analysis of the project area​

Project Timeline

The planned updates will be completed during spring 2022. 

Project Rollplot

Click here to see the updated rollplot shared in the May 2022 update.​

​​Proposed Changes

​Fillmore Street from Central Avenue to 1st Street

Current Travel  Lanes

fillmore central 1st CURRENT.JPG

Proposed Travel Lanes

Option A

fillmore central 1st OPTION A.JPG
Option B

fillmore central 1st OPTION B.JPG

​Fillmore Street from 1st Street to 7th Street

Current Travel  Lanes

fillmore 1st to 7th CURRENT.JPG

Proposed Travel Lanes

fillmore 1st to 7th PROPOSED.JPG

​​​Contact Information

Project Manager: Marielle Brown
Project Communications Consultant: Albert Granillo

Project e-mail: agranillo@gciaz.com Project hotline: 623-825-3444