Fillmore St. from 7th Ave. to Central Ave.

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About the Project​

The Phoenix Street Transportation Department continues to explore modifications to the design of Fillmore Street in downtown Phoenix to create safer east to west connectivity for people riding bicycles, or using other modes of active transportation.

In spring 2022, parking and two traffic lanes were removed on Fillmore Street between Central Avenue and 7th Street, and buffered and protected bike lanes were added on both sides of that corridor.

Fillmore St., Central Ave. to 7th St. project

Next Steps

The Street Transportation Department is currently working through a feasibility study and pre-design phase for a project that would add bike lanes, or a two-way protected bikeway, on Fillmore Street from 7th to Central avenues. That project would connect to the changes referenced above that were made in 2022 to Fillmore Street east of Central Avenue to 7th Street.​

Depending on the final recommendations, on-street parking may be removed from one or both sides of the street between Central and 7th avenues. Signal timing may be impacted and turn lanes at signals may be removed. ​​

Project Area Connectivity 

Other bicycle infrastructure improvements in the downtown region that would enhance the Fillmore Street projects include: 

 Fillmore Street Feasibility Study Virtual Public Meeting - Feb. 8, 2024

Community Engagement 

Public input is valuable to the feasibility study and pre-design phase of the Fillmore Street project. Input from residents, businesses and other stakeholders in the area will help the Street Transportation Department develop future roadway design concepts in the downtown region.

The video recording of the virtual public meeting viewable above was hosted via Webex on February 8, 2024 at 6 p.m., to present an update to the community.​

An online survey for community members to provide input was available in English and Spanish from February 8 to March 3, 2024. Thank you to those who participated. An initial community survey was available in fall 2023.

​Design Diagrams

Option A - Bike lanes with some on-street parking
Option B - Protected bike lanes
Option C - Two-way protected bike lane

Contact the Project Team​

Questions can be submitted by calling the project hotline at 623-825-3444 or emailing Project Communications Consultant Albert Gran​ill​o at​​