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Mobility Study Goal

The goal of the T2050 Mobility Studies is to improve safety, connectivity, and accessibility for all people -- regardless of their age or ability level - who walk, ride a bicycle, or use transit to get to their important destinations.

​Mobility Area Description

The Roosevelt Neighborhoods Mobility Area is bisected by two of the Valley’s largest freeways: State Route 51 (Piestewa Freeway) and the I-10 Loop 202. The SR 51 is a major connection to the north Valley, while the latter provides direct connections to east Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, and Mesa. The 202 poses a significant barrier for people who need to connect between the north and south by foot and bike, with the only crossing points located along 24th Street and 32nd Street.

There are three large medical centers in the Area: Maricopa Integrated Health System, Comprehensive HealthCare Center, and St. Luke’s Medical Center (immediately west of the Area). Two public schools are within the Area: Wilson Elementary and Creighton Elementary, as well as two charter/ parochial schools: Excelencia School and St. Agnes School. William T. Machan Elementary lies immediately north of the Area. There are two small parks: Willow Park and Hilaria Rodriguez Park. The Grand Canal cuts across the northeast corner, providing walking and bicycling connections to many points to the northwest and southeast. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, the nation’s fifth busiest airport, is on the immediate south side of the Area.



​Key Destinations

Creighton Elementary School                              Edison Park

Excelencia School                                                Hilaria Rodriguez Park

St. Agnes School                                                  Food City (SR 51 and McDowell)

Wilson Elementary School                                    Food City (32nd and McDowell)

Faith Christian Center                                           Iglesia Cristiana Dios Con Nosotros                               

St. Mark's Catholic Church                                   St. Philip-Deacon Catholic Center

Salvation Army - Ledbetter Center                       Salvation Army Herberger Campus

Baiz Market Place                                                Shopping center (24th Street & McDowell)

Shopping center (24th Street & Roosevelt)

​Residents Are Telling Us . . .

We interviewed residents, business owners, and other community leaders in the Mobility Area to get their likes, dislikes, and opinions about mobility and accessibility. Here are some of the key takeaways:
  • There is not enough shade

  • Vehicles drive too fast -- install speed humps to slow them down

  • There are not enough sidewalks

  • Few crossings of the Grand Canal

  • There are not enough safe intersections to cross streets

  • Criminal activity near Palm Lane & 32nd Street prevents people from walking and bicycling


​Project Schedule/Status

Study Design Construction Completion


Study Schedule


Timeline of the Study process

Public Input

Thank you for your interest in making our city streets safer and more livable. Opportunities for public involvement will be posted on this webpage as they become available.

​Project Manager Contact Information

Brian Fellows

Mobility Planner

(602) 534-2163