Developer Guidelines and AutoCAD Menus for Traffic Signal and Striping Plans

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The following documents are guidelines of requirements for Traffic Signal & Striping plans that are to be submitted to the City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department.


    The City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department has an array of AutoCAD toolbars along with an automated help file of Design Procedure Manual that have been created with the purpose of assisting in the design of Traffic signal and Striping plans.

    The utilization of these toolbars and the automated Design Procedure Manual may help make your Design process shorter and it may also expedite your plans through the review and approval process.

    Before installing these toolbars please read here

    If you need more assistance you may contact the Design Section at 602-256-3409 for assistance over the phone.

    Included in the following download are AutoCAD drawing (dwg), Template (dwt), Lisp (lsp) and Menu (mns) files.

    Important notes about the following download:

    The size of the zip file in the following download is over 50 MB.

    When prompted "Do you want to open the file or save it to your computer" Click on "Save".

    Estimated download time for high speed Internet connections can be as high as 20 minutes.