Street Light Review Process

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General Guidelines
These guidelines have been prepared to inform and assist private developers in detailing their responsibility and the submittal requirements for street lights for new developments. Installation of street lights is a required  off-site improvement for new developments.  All developers of residential, commercial, and industrial properties are responsible for the design, materials, and installation of street lights and their associated cost on all public streets adjacent and within their projects. 

Submittal Requirements
The developer or their representative will submit three (3) sets of scaled Street Light Designs, one (1) site plan and subdivision plat to the City of Phoenix Planning and Development Department Plan Submittal.  The existing street lights adjacent to development (within 300 feet +/-) and their distance shall be noted on the plans.  The Planning and Development Department will review and approve all street light plans and the submitter will be contacted.  

The developer will be responsible for providing the approved Street Light Plans to the utility company (Arizona Public Service or Salt River Project) serving the area of the development.  Upon receipt of the plans APS or SRP will begin designing the dry utility street lighting system. All light installations are to be permitted and installed by the developer's contractor.  When completed a Street Light Installation inspection is required.

Contact A.P.S. at 602-371-7171.

Contact S.R.P. at 602-236-9621 (Commercial Developments) 602-236-8888 (Residential).​

Plans are to be submitted to:
Planning and Development Department
Attn: Street Transportation Street Lighting
200 W. Washington St., 2nd Floor
Phoenix, AZ 85003

If you have any questions regarding the information on this page, contact the City of Phoenix​ Planning and Development Department at 602-262-7223.