3rd Street Improvement Project

Project Overview

This project is aimed at improving traffic circulation and mobility for pedestrians and bicyclists on 3rd Street between Indian School Road and Garfield Street. The roadway modifications contained in the conceptual plan for 3rd Street include:

  • reducing the number of travel lanes
  • adding bicycle lanes on both sides of the street
  • landscape enhancements
  • street lighting upgrades
  • ADA sidewalk and intersection improvements
  • safer street crossings for pedestrians

This project was initiated from the 3rd Street Promenade Study, Reinvent Phoenix Mid-Town transit district planning, community feedback and the Downtown Phoenix Comprehensive Transportation Study (DPCTS).  The DPCTS was undertaken to identify and evaluate potential roadway, transit, bicycle, pedestrian, and parking improvements associated with Phoenix’s downtown street and transportation system. The recommendations from the DPCTS resulted from studying a variety of transportation-related elements in the city's core, interviews with stakeholders, and meetings with community focus groups. 


Preliminary Design Alternatives

Listed below are the preliminary design altenatives that were presented at the 3rd Street deisng open house held May 31, 2018. Each design alternative features the following improvements:

  • One designated bike lane on each side of 3rd Street with a bike lane buffer zone included. Adding a delineator system to create protected bike lanes along 3rd Street is also currently under consideration.
  • New shade structures

Alternative 2 features new trees and benches.

Preliminary Design Alternative 1

Preliminary Design Alternative 2

If you have questions about these design alternatives or would like to submit comments, please call 623-825-3444 or email agranillo@gciaz.com.


Project Design Renderings

3rd Street Design Renderings


Tentative Project Status / Schedule

Final Design – 2019 - 2020 Updated (Project design to be 95% complete by Fall 2019)
Construction – Summer 2021 Updated


Public Input Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in making our city streets safer and more livable. Your questions and comments are valued as part of the public involvement process for this project. Opportunities for public involvement will be posted on this webpage as they become available.    



Project Contact

Albert Granillo - Public Information Coordinator