New Terminal Coming to America’s Friendliest Airport®https://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/aviation/3095Aviation5/9/2024 4:00:00 PMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/3095/newsroom_aviation_104.jpgNew Terminal Coming to America’s Friendliest Airport®<div class="ExternalClass37813FAA55E24026A5B646F117411D24"><html> <p>Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego and members of the Phoenix City Council today heard plans to build a new terminal at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. With more than 48 million passengers in 2023 and passenger numbers continuing to grow, a new terminal is necessary to meet passenger demand and maintain a high level of service.<br><br>“Phoenix Sky Harbor is busier than ever, which is why we'll soon need a new terminal to accommodate our growth," Mayor Kate Gallego said. “To continue providing excellent customer experience at America's Friendliest Airport, the Council and I are moving forward with plans to build a cutting-edge terminal at the airport's west end. The new expansion is years in the making and I am looking forward to the continued work to turn our shared vision into reality." <br><br>A future terminal on the west side of the airport has been part of Phoenix Sky Harbor's long-range Comprehensive Asset Management Plan. That plan, which is a roadmap for the Airport's future, was first presented in 2019 as a 20-year plan. In 2022, the plan was updated and provided a number of near-term goals including improving airfield efficiency with a north/south taxiway on the west side of the airport, adding a new north concourse at Terminal 3, and adding a post-security walkway between Terminals 3 and 4. Those projects are all underway, but with a continued increase in passenger traffic and larger aircraft flying into Phoenix Sky Harbor, additional capacity will be needed.<br><br>The new terminal will be built on the west side of the Airport campus near where the former Terminals 1 and 2 were located. Terminal 1 closed in 1990 and Terminal 2 closed in 2020. Both were demolished. This will be the first new terminal construction since Terminal 4 opened in 1990. <br><br>Details of the terminal design are still underway. Planning and environmental preparation will take several years, and construction is not anticipated to begin until after 2030. The project will be funded with passenger facility charges, bonds, and airport funding. No tax dollars will be used.<br><br>For additional information on the Comprehensive Asset Management Plan, visit <a href="https://www.skyharbor.com/about-phx/comprehensive-asset-management-plan" target="_blank">https://www.skyharbor.com/about-phx/comprehensive-asset-management-plan</a><br> </p> <p> <strong>Quotes from Phoenix City Council</strong> </p> <p>“I am excited to see what the future will bring for Sky Harbor. As we look toward the construction of the new West Terminal, I will be focused on the things that already make our airport one of the best – it's strong partnerships with our airlines, its accessibility for people with disabilities and its excellent local and national restaurants and stores. This investment allows us to take those strengths and build on them in the years ahead."<br><strong>Vice Mayor, Debra Stark </strong><br><br>“I am proud of the work that our city has done to make Phoenix Sky Harbor an airport of choice for domestic and international airlines, to offer the flavors of Phoenix in our concessions, and to support jobs for residents throughout our community. With this plan for Sky Harbor's development and a new West Terminal, we are committing to continue to provide a world-class airport experience for our residents and visitors."<br><strong>Councilwoman Laura Pastor, District 4</strong><br> <br>“To stay competitive for future air service, and to support the vital workforce that makes Sky Harbor run, we have to plan far ahead. We want to always be an airport that businesses value and workers choose. The construction of a new West Terminal keeps us at the forefront of the aviation industry and ensures we will be well-positioned as Phoenix continues to grow."<br><strong>Councilwoman Betty Guardado, District 5</strong><br> <br>“Over the years, Sky Harbor's traffic has steadily increased, and Phoenix has anticipated and strategically planned for that growth through a comprehensive 20-year plan which involved numerous stakeholders with input. Our residents, business and leisure travelers depend on the success of this airport and planning for growth is a natural outcome. I'm grateful that our Aviation Department is entering this pivotal phase and we are giving our residents and business partners the opportunity to learn what the future holds, and to share their thoughts on what can make America's Friendliest Airport the best it can be."<br><strong>Councilwoman Kesha Hodge Washington, District 8</strong><br><br>Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, America's Friendliest Airport®, has an annual economic impact of more than $44 billion. On an average day, approximately 1,000 aircraft and more than 130,000 passengers arrive at and depart from Phoenix Sky Harbor every day. PHX Sky Harbor is funded with airport revenue. No tax dollars are used to support the airport.<br></p> </html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/aviationNewsaviationAviation
Phoenix Airport System’s Economic Impact is $44.3 Billionhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/aviation/3082Aviation4/25/2024 5:20:00 PMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/3082/newsroom_aviation_103.jpgPhoenix Airport System’s Economic Impact is $44.3 Billion<div class="ExternalClassFD1AF1620BAF43599D0503B501516E8A"><html> <span style="font-size:17.3333px;"> <em>New ASU study shows annual increase of nearly 15% compared to 2016</em> </span> <br style="font-size:17.3333px;"> <br>PHOENIX – According to a new Arizona State University W.P. Carey School of Business study, the economic impact of the Phoenix Airport system has increased nearly 15% since 2016. The study, which is based on calendar year 2022 figures, shows that Phoenix Sky Harbor, Phoenix Deer Valley, and Phoenix Goodyear airports have a total economic impact of $44.3 billion per year. The Airport system, which continues to be the largest economic engine in the state of Arizona, supports nearly 246,000 jobs with an annual payroll of $14.8 billion. The Phoenix Sky Harbor campus supports more jobs in the state than any other organization.<br><br>“The Phoenix Airport System is a critical asset to our community and state, and this new study underscores how vital it is to our economy," said Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego. “Phoenix is thriving in no small part thanks to our airports, and our continued investment in them creates jobs, supports both local and global businesses, connects Phoenicians to worldwide opportunities, and leaves visitors with a desire to come back to the Valley."<br><br>Even though data from the study includes several years within the pandemic period, and 2022 was still within post-pandemic recovery mode, gains were made in economic output, total income to workers, and visitor spending. Though employment numbers decreased slightly at Phoenix Sky Harbor, the total income including wages and benefits to workers was $14.8 billion. These airport jobs directly support the economy in the region as workers spend their wages. <br><br>Additionally, visitor spending at Phoenix Sky Harbor rose 12% from $5.8 billion in 2016 to $6.5 billion in 2022. It's estimated that domestic visitors on average spend $831 per person per trip while international visitors spend $1,002 per person per trip. The total for both domestic and international visitor spending is $7 billion a year.  <br><br>A summary of the Economic Impact Report is available at <a href="https://www.skyharbor.com/about-phx/history-economic-development/economic-impact/" target="_blank">https://www.skyharbor.com/about-phx/history-economic-development/economic-impact/</a>  The full Economic Impact Report will be available in the coming weeks.<br> <br><div style="text-align:center;"><strong>Quotes from Phoenix City Council</strong></div><br>   <br>“We know that Sky Harbor and our general aviation airports have a dramatic positive impact on our economy. This new report proves yet again that the hard work of our aviation staff has continued to pay big dividends, in jobs and investment. When passengers enjoy our airport amenities, they're not only enjoying a great travel experience, they're investing in jobs for our community." <br><strong>Vice Mayor Debra Stark</strong><br><br>“It's no surprise that Phoenix's airports have contributed greatly to the economic prosperity seen all over the Valley. As we continue to bring more international flights, look to build out a new terminal, and hold onto the title of premiere destination in the Southwest, it is because of our airports and their employees. In my district, Deer Valley Airport was reported as the third busiest airport in the world for touch-and-goes in 2020! As we continue to reimagine and build out the Phoenix Deer Valley Airport, its economic impact to the whole city will only grow!"<br><strong>Councilwoman Ann O'Brien, District 1</strong><br> <br>“The Phoenix airport system is essential to the success of the Valley's tourism industry and our state as a whole. When we invest in our airports, we are investing in strengthening our ties with our community and the world, and supporting an extensive workforce of airline employees, concessions workers and contractors who help to make our airports run."<br><strong>Councilwoman Laura Pastor, District 4</strong><br><br>“As Sky Harbor sees record passenger demand, this report is a testament to the people power that keeps America's Friendliest Airport running and providing excellent customer service. Such significant economic impact is possible because our workers put in the time and energy every day to make Sky Harbor a truly world-class airport." <br><strong>Councilwoman Betty Guardado, District 5</strong><br><br>“This report shows just how valuable Sky Harbor and our general aviation airports are to the community – they are job creators and drivers of construction and other investments in Phoenix and around the valley and state," said Councilwoman Kesha Hodge Washington. “Phoenix Sky Harbor is not only the best airport in the country, it is also the region's largest economic engine. I am proud to represent the community where Sky Harbor is located, and look forward to the new investments it will bring in the years ahead."<br><strong>Councilwoman Kesha Hodge Washington, District 8 </strong><br><br><strong>Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, <em>America's Friendliest Airport</em>®</strong>, has an annual economic impact of more than $44 billion. On an average day, more than 1,000 aircraft and more than 130,000 passengers arrive at and depart from Phoenix Sky Harbor every day. PHX Sky Harbor is funded with airport revenue. No tax dollars are used to support the airport.<br></html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/aviationNewsaviationAviation
PHX Sky Harbor Ready to Welcome College Basketball Visitorshttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/aviation/3063Aviation4/2/2024 5:30:00 PMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/3063/newsroom_aviation_102.jpgPHX Sky Harbor Ready to Welcome College Basketball Visitors<div class="ExternalClass391B9269373D41579B8D17CAB76ECF68"><html> <p>​Airport & TSA are offering important travel tips</p> <br>PHOENIX – With the College Basketball Championship games being days away, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and the TSA are looking forward to welcoming travelers from across the country in for the festivities and are offering the following important travel tips to make the customer journey as seamless as possible.<br><br>Important Travel Tips When Flying into Phoenix: <br><br>If you are planning to rent a car, make sure to reserve your car in advance. Phoenix Sky Harbor is anticipating an increase in car rentals around the College Basketball Championship and vehicles may be limited for walk-up customers.<br><br>Attending events in Downtown Phoenix?  Travel between the Airport and Downtown is easy via the free PHX Sky Train® from all terminals to the Valley Metro Light Rail. After disembarking from the PHX Sky Train®, make sure to purchase your pass from the Valley Metro fare vending machine. Then, take Valley Metro Rail westbound and get off at the 3rd Street/Washington Station for the Phoenix Convention Center, Footprint Center and Chase Field. For Hance Park, use the Roosevelt/Central Ave. or McDowell/Central Ave. stations. For more information on Valley Metro Rail, visit <a href="https://www.valleymetro.org/" target="_blank">https://www.valleymetro.org/</a><br><br>Travelers staying with family or friends can save valuable time and avoid traffic by getting picked up at either the 24th Street or 44th Street PHX Sky Train® Stations. Both offer a convenient alternative to driving into the airport.  <a href="https://www.skyharbor.com/ground-transportation/phx-sky-train/" target="_blank">https://www.skyharbor.com/ground-transportation/phx-sky-train/</a><br><br>Travel Tips for departing passengers, especially on Sunday, April 7 and Tuesday, April 9.<br> <br>Remember 5-4-3-2-1.  5 hours before departure - Check out of your hotel; 4 hours before departure – Turn in your rental car; 3 hours before departure – Check in at the Ticket Counter; 2 hours before departure – Get in line at the TSA Security Checkpoint; and 1 hour before departure – Be at your gate.<br><br>Carry on kindly. Travelers should avoid consuming excessive amounts of alcohol prior to boarding, as flight attendants and gate agents may deny boarding to intoxicated passengers. Passengers who engage in unruly behavior at the checkpoint or inflight may face substantial penalties and possible prosecution on criminal charges.<br><br>If you have a NCAA Final Four program, please place it in your carry-on bag. For questions about carry-on and checked items, visit <a href="http://tsa.gov/" target="_blank">TSA.gov</a>  Remember, if you are traveling with needed medications, be sure and place them in your carry-on bag.<br><br>Check your flight status at <a href="http://skyharbor.com/" target="_blank">skyharbor.com</a>. The website also provides travelers the ability to see what shops and restaurants are near their gate. Shops both pre- and post-security will be selling merchandise from the tournament. <br><br>Travelers can also view security wait times on the home page of skyharbor.com and on the flight information screens in the terminals.<br> <br>Looking to save your place and reduce your wait in the TSA Security Checkpoint line?  Use the PHX RESERVE program. Schedule your time prior to arriving at the airport <a href="https://www.skyharbor.com/PHXReserve" target="_blank">on our website</a>. You can schedule your time up to six days in advance. <br><br>If you or someone you will be traveling with has a hidden disability such as dementia or autism, you can reserve a <a href="https://www.skyharbor.com/at-the-airport/services/compassion-corner/" target="_blank">Compassion Cacti™ Lanyard</a> in advance, which signals to employees that you may need extra time, assistance, or patience in the travel process. You can even schedule a Navigator Support Guide to accompany you through the airport. <br><br>If you have questions while in the airport, be sure to ask one of our friendly volunteer Navigators in purple. They are stationed throughout the airport to provide help to customers. NCAA volunteers will also be in the terminals to answer questions about local events.<br><br>Visit our <a href="https://www.skyharbor.com/about-phx/news-media/announcements/ncaa-mens-final-four/" target="_blank">College Basketball Championships Travel Tips page</a> for more info. <br><br>Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, America's Friendliest Airport®, has an annual economic impact of more than $38 billion. On an average day, approximately 1,200 aircraft and more than 130,000 passengers arrive at and depart from Phoenix Sky Harbor every day. PHX Sky Harbor is funded with airport revenue. No tax dollars are used to support the airport.<br></html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/aviationNewsaviationAviation
American Airlines Initiates Service from Phoenix to Tijuana, Mexicohttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/aviation/3025Aviation2/15/2024 7:00:00 AMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/3025/newsroom_aviation_101.jpgAmerican Airlines Initiates Service from Phoenix to Tijuana, Mexico<div class="ExternalClass0A76D129715648FABBA0D4A95AD06EF9"><html> <em style="font-size:17.3333px;">​PHX is the only U.S. destination from TIJ</em><br style="font-size:17.3333px;"><p>America's Friendliest Airport® is excited to announce the start of American Airlines' new international service to Tijuana, Mexico. Daily, nonstop service from Phoenix to General Abelardo L. Rodríguez International Airport began  Feb. 15, 2024.<br><br>“Phoenix and Mexico share strong trade and tourism connections, and this new direct route to Tijuana further reinforces our partnership," said Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego. “We expect the new flight to generate 10 million dollars in economic impact every year and ultimately help us on our mission to diversify and fortify Phoenix's growing economy, particularly in the manufacturing industry. I want to thank the great Aviation Team and American Airlines for all of their hard work to make today's announcement possible."<br><br>American Airlines flight 4841 will depart PHX at 11:15 a.m. and arrive at PHX at 2:42 p.m. daily. The airline will utilize both Embraer 175 and Bombardier CRJ700 aircraft.</p><br><img alt="Band at the airport" style="margin:5px;width:350px;height:241px;" src="/aviationsite/MediaAssets/AA%20PHX-TIJ%20Event.jpg" /><p>Tijuana is Mexico's second most populous city in the state of Baja California and is known for its lively entertainment and art scenes while boasting pleasantly mild temperatures year-round. Phoenix is the only United States destination for Tijuana. TIJ is one of the most connected airports in Mexico providing service to more than 40 destinations within Mexico.<br><br>This is the 14th Mexican destination American serves from Phoenix Sky Harbor. International flights provide important economic benefits to the community. Pre-COVID, international flights had an annual economic impact of $3 billion.<br><br>To learn more about all the places you can fly from Phoenix, visit <a target="_blank" href="https://www.skyharbor.com/flights/WhereWeFly">https://www.skyharbor.com/flights/WhereWeFly</a></p><br><p style="text-align:center;"><strong>Quotes from Phoenix City Council</strong> </p><p><br>“Sky Harbor is the gateway to our community, and with this new nonstop service to Tijuana, we are now connecting to even more destinations throughout Mexico, making travel easier and more efficient for anyone who wants to get away for vacation, or learn more of the great things Phoenix has to offer." Phoenix continues to attract new airline service because we are cost-effective and great partners."<br> Vice Mayor Debra Stark <br><br>“This new air service to Tijuana strengthens our mutually beneficial economic ties to Mexico, opening even more avenues for trade and travel., Phoenix continues to be a destination of choice for investment and leisure, and we are providing yet another opportunity."<br>Councilwoman Ann O'Brien, District 1 <br><br>“The cultural and economic exchange between Phoenix and cities across Mexico is an essential part of our culture here, and this new service provides our residents another opportunity to connect with loved ones and friends, I value that partnership and look forward to what this new connection will bring!"<br>Councilwoman Laura Pastor, District 4 <br><br>“With the addition of this new service to Tijuana, American Airlines is helping family and friends to connect, travelers to find adventure, and businesses to see new opportunities where they may not have before." <br>Councilwoman Betty Guardado, District 5 <br><br>“American Airlines' nonstop service to Tijuana is more than a new and convenient travel option, it's a sign of the value Phoenix and its longstanding connection to Mexico as a trading partner are for our airlines, with business and investment booming, this new connection helps to make the case for even more development in the future." <br>Councilwoman Kesha Hodge Washington, District 8 <br><br>Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, America's Friendliest Airport®, has an annual economic impact of more than $38 billion. On an average day, approximately 1,200 aircraft and more than 130,000 passengers arrive at and depart from Phoenix Sky Harbor every day. PHX Sky Harbor is funded with airport revenue. No tax dollars are used to support the airport.<br></p></html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/aviationNewsaviationAviation
America’s Friendliest Airport® Celebrates Valentine’s Day with Arthttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/aviation/3020Aviation2/12/2024 6:00:00 PMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/3020/newsroom_aviation_100.jpgAmerica’s Friendliest Airport® Celebrates Valentine’s Day with Art<div class="ExternalClassCD049DB5E2F3481EA93099CFB494E594"><html>​<em>“You Can’t Spell heART without ART” </em><br><br>PHOENIX – America's Friendliest Airport® is always dedicated to elevating the customer experience and this Valentine’s Day passengers traveling through Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport will be treated to a unique art event. <br><br>On Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, the Phoenix Airport Museum will celebrate the occasion with the "You can't spell HEART without ART" event. Airport visitors will have the opportunity to create their own Valentine’s Day card, meet the Airport's therapy dogs known as the Navigator Buddies, enjoy live music from country artist Aaron Church and indulge in a chocolate treat.   <br><br>“We’re thrilled to celebrate and showcase the Airport’s art with our passengers on Valentine’s Day”, said Gary Martelli, Phoenix Airport Museum Manager and Curator. “Whether you’re traveling to see your valentine or just passing through, we hope to bring a smile and spread some love to all at Phoenix Sky Harbor.”  <br><br>The free event will be in Terminal 4 on Level 3, pre-security from 1-3 p.m. near the central food court.          <br><br>To learn more about the beauty of Arizona and our museum exhibitions that can be found in all terminals of the Airport visit <a href="https://www.skyharbor.com/at-the-airport/amenities/airport-museum/" target="_blank">skyharbor.com/museum</a>.<br><br>Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, America’s Friendliest Airport®, has an annual economic impact of more than $38 billion. On an average day, approximately 1,200 aircraft and more than 130,000 passengers arrive at and depart from Sky Harbor every day. PHX Sky Harbor is funded with airport revenue. No tax dollars are used to support the airport.<br></html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/aviationNewsaviationAviation
PHX Sky Harbor Sees Busiest Year Everhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/aviation/3001Aviation1/30/2024 6:45:00 PMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/3001/newsroom_aviation_099.jpgPHX Sky Harbor Sees Busiest Year Ever<div class="ExternalClass38A3D5A70C9D418DB16B30EE6CF2D760"><html>​PHOENIX – 2023 was a monumental year for Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport with a record-breaking day, national and international honors, and new innovations. The year-end passenger numbers for America's Friendliest Airport® show that PHX has reached a new passenger milestone, and 2023 is the busiest year ever in its history.<br><br>More than 48.7 million* travelers passed through Phoenix Sky Harbor last year, surpassing the previous record set in 2019 when nearly 46.3 million passengers were served. The year-end passenger total for Phoenix Sky Harbor was 5.6% higher than 2019 and 10.1% higher than 2022.<br><br>“The record-breaking number of passengers Phoenix Sky Harbor saw in 2023 is a testament to the efficiency of our airport and of the strong guest experience we offer travelers and businesses," said Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego. “I'm so proud to see our state's number one economic engine in the state shine, particularly on the fronts of innovation and customer service. The Airport has accomplished so much over the last year, and I look forward to welcoming new investments, development, and programs in 2024."<br><br>In February 2023, Phoenix Sky Harbor recorded its busiest day ever the day after the Super Bowl by hosting more than 200,000 people through its doors on February 13. PHX saw strong numbers throughout 2023 with each month being busier than 2019 numbers. These numbers were bolstered due to major events such as the Super Bowl, W.M. PHX Open, Spring Training, and the World Series.<br><br>Throughout the year, the Airport focused on elevating the customer experience for airport visitors. This included expanding innovations like autonomous vehicle pick-ups with Waymo from the 44th Street PHX Sky Train® Station to the 24th Street Station as well as terminal curbs in the evening. In 2022, Phoenix Sky Harbor was the first airport in the country to launch Mobile ID for Apple Wallet users. In 2023, Mobile ID was expanded to Google Wallet and Samsung Wallet. Last summer, America's Friendliest Airport®, which has long been focused on being accessible, launched its first-ever Dementia Friendly Air Travel Workshop to offer caregivers a first-hand look at how to travel more easily with those experiencing dementia. The workshop was a resounding success and received several honors including from Airports Council International-North America and Banner Health, and the Airport's accessibility efforts were also highly commended by International Airport Review.<br><br>Additionally, 2023 saw the opening of new shops and restaurants on its new Eighth Concourse in Terminal 4. Restaurants included local favorites like Sip Coffee and Beer and Pedal Haus Brewery as well as nationally recognized Chick-fil-A and the first ever Bobby's Burgers by celebrity chef Bobby Flay in an airport. New concessions included InMotion Entertainment and Uptown Phoenix which feature local brands like Changing Hands Bookstore and Melrose Pharmacy. 2024 will see additional openings on the concourse including the Chase Sapphire Lounge, SanTan Spirit House, Guy Fieri's Phoenix Kitchen + Bar, Fan Shop by PGA Tour, and Arizona Roadtrip.<br><br>In 2023, Phoenix Sky Harbor also saw airlines boost their service to Phoenix. Twenty-one new destinations were added to the Airport's already robust air service offerings and two new airlines made their home at Phoenix Sky Harbor – Flair and Lynx Airlines.<br><br>All of the enhancements and activity culminated in Phoenix Sky Harbor being named the number one airport among large airports by The Wall Street Journal in November.<br><br>2024 has also already been off to a strong start with the announcement of a new airline to Phoenix – Air France. Air France's entry into the Phoenix market with three times weekly service between Phoenix and Paris will be a first for the state. Service to France begins May 23. Additionally, American will launch nonstop service between Phoenix and Tijuana, Mexico on February 15. This marks the only international service from Tijuana into the United States. In May, Condor Airlines returns with its Phoenix to Frankfurt flight. This flight will feature Condor's new, fuel-efficient Airbus A330-900neo, the most planet-friendly aircraft in the skies.<br><br>The Airport has plans to invest more than $3 billion dollars in projects over the next six years to improve safety, capacity, efficiency and elevate the passenger experience. These include a new north-south taxiway to get aircraft to their gates faster, a new six gate concourse at Terminal 3 and a post-security walkway between Terminals 3 and 4.<br><br>For more information about Phoenix Sky Harbor's future development projects, please visit the <a href="https://www.skyharbor.com/about-phx/comprehensive-asset-management-plan/" target="_blank">Comprehensive Asset Management Plan​ page</a>.​ For information on the destinations you can travel from PHX, visit <a href="https://www.skyharbor.com/flights/where-we-fly/" target="_blank">https://www.skyharbor.com/flights/where-we-fly/</a><br><br>*<em>The previously reported number, 48.8 million, was in error and has been corrected in the <a title="Airport Statistics" href="/{localLink:umb://document/812bd931ac2143109415ac531ce1f9b0%257d" target="_blank">final annual statistics</a> for 2023.</em>​<br><br>Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, America's Friendliest Airport®, has an annual economic impact of more than $38 billion. On an average day, approximately 1,200 aircraft and more than 130,000 passengers arrive at and depart from Sky Harbor every day. PHX Sky Harbor is funded with airport revenue. No tax dollars are used to support the airport.<br></html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/aviationNewsaviationAviation
Air France to Begin Phoenix-Paris Flighthttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/aviation/2989Aviation1/22/2024 11:45:00 PMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/2989/newsroom_aviation_098.jpgAir France to Begin Phoenix-Paris Flight<div class="ExternalClass3762E5758BE04E4D88E90F998C67F8A9"><html>​PHOENIX – Air France has announced the start of new nonstop service between Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and Charles de Gaulle International Airport in Paris, France. This marks the first time there will be nonstop service between Phoenix and France. Service on the Boeing 787-900 Dreamliner aircraft will begin May 23, 2024, and will operate three days per week for the summer season (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday). Flights will leave Paris at 10:10 a.m., arriving in Phoenix at 12:10 p.m. then depart Phoenix at 2:10 p.m., arriving in Paris the next day at 9:15 a.m.<br><br>“Adding non-stop service to Paris is a major milestone that demonstrates our commitment to providing convenient and efficient travel options to and from Phoenix," said Mayor Kate Gallego. “As our city continues to grow and become a destination for booming industries, I'm confident that direct service to Paris will unlock exciting possibilities for exploration and new business opportunities."<br><br>The aircraft will have a three-class configuration, with 30 Business seats, 21 Premium Economy seats and an Economy class offering 228 seats. In total, the flights will have a capacity of 279.<br><br>During the 2024 summer season, the airline, from its Paris-Charles de Gaulle hub, will offer connecting opportunities to more than 200 destinations worldwide.<br><br>“Air France is thrilled to announce a direct link between Arizona and Paris with our newest, non-stop route coming in May," said Boaz Hulsman, Vice President of Commercial, North America at Air France-KLM. “Becoming the 22nd North American gateway for Air France next summer season, this new service symbolizes our commitment to enhancing the transatlantic travel connection. We look forward to soon providing passengers from Phoenix with an experience embodying the best of French elegance."<br><br>America's Friendliest Airport® offers nonstop service to more than 140 destinations across the United States and internationally. This new service adds to existing transatlantic service between Phoenix and London Heathrow on American Airlines and British Airways as well as nonstop service between Phoenix and Frankfurt on Condor Airlines. The new service will also allow for easy connections in the U.S. with Air France's codeshare partner Delta, and destinations in Europe and abroad with their other partner, KLM.<br><br>Phoenix international flights add more $3.4 billion to the local economy each year per the Airport's most recent economic impact study. This three times weekly nonstop seasonal service will provide a $30 million annual economic impact to the Phoenix community.<br><br>For more information on all the destinations available to travel to from Phoenix, visit <a href="https://www.skyharbor.com/flights/where-we-fly/" target="_blank">https://www.skyharbor.com/flights/where-we-fly/<br></a><br><br><strong>Quotes from Phoenix City Council</strong><br>“The new air service from Phoenix to Paris is exciting, as this will provide a direct connection to do business or vacation in Phoenix. Phoenicians will also have more convenient options for travel in Europe. No doubt, this new global connection will have a positive impact on our economy." <br><br><strong>Vice Mayor Debra Stark</strong><br><br> <br>“This partnership between Air France and Sky Harbor admits what we here in Phoenix have always known, that Phoenix is a hub for international tourism and investment. Directly connecting to our third European location is exactly the kind of commitment to growth the City of Phoenix should be making. I'm beyond thrilled to continue to open the international community to Phoenix and our community to the world!"<br><br><strong>Councilwoman Ann O'Brien, District 1</strong><br><br> <br>“The new direct flight connecting Phoenix and Paris is a remarkable opportunity to boost global accessibility to our city. This connection fosters cultural and economic ties between Arizona and the captivating city of Paris and highlights our unwavering commitment to strengthening international relationships."<br><br><strong>Councilwoman Laura Pastor, District 4</strong><br><br> <br>“I'm elated to have Phoenix join a select group of major cities with nonstop service to France's capital city: Paris. It signals how Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport continues to be a top choice for international travel because of its efficiency, customer service and 5-star amenities.  Ahead of the 2024 Olympics and residents' summer vacation planning, I'm excited to add this iconic city to our roster of destinations."<br><br><strong>Councilwoman Yassamin Ansari, District 7</strong><br><br> <br>“With this new direct service from Phoenix to Paris, we are showcasing our city to the world, forging stronger business and economic ties with France, and providing the kind of exemplary customer experience for which Sky Harbor is known. This new flight will also encourage future economic development with our European trading partners and showcase for airlines in markets we have yet to serve that Phoenix is the destination to choose."<br><br><strong>Councilwoman Kesha Hodge Washington, District 8</strong><br><br><br><strong>Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, <em>America's Friendliest Airport</em>®</strong>, has an annual economic impact of more than $38 billion. On an average day, approximately 1,200 aircraft and more than 130,000 passengers arrive at and depart from Phoenix Sky Harbor every day. PHX Sky Harbor is funded with airport revenue. No tax dollars are used to support the airport.<br></html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/aviationNewsaviationAviation
Award-Winning Dementia Friendly Air Travel Workshop Returnshttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/aviation/2957Aviation12/27/2023 7:00:00 AMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/2957/newsroom_aviation_097.jpgAward-Winning Dementia Friendly Air Travel Workshop Returns<div class="ExternalClassF7D17EB3D14446CFBD3F2228C0EDA097"><html>PHOENIX – Arizona's busy travel season is well underway. However, thinking about travel or planning a future getaway can be overwhelming for an estimated seven million people in the United States experiencing dementia. With the new year, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) proudly announces the return of our award-winning Dementia Friendly Air Travel Workshop.   <br><br> “Traveling is not the same for everyone, and for those dealing with dementia, the airport can be stressful," said PHX's Guest and Employee Experience Superintendent, Misty Cisneros-Contreras. “Being prepared can make all the difference and the experience less intimidating for both care providers and their loved ones. That's why we are thrilled that our Dementia Friendly Air Travel Workshop is returning, ensuring these unique customers have a positive traveling experience."  <br><br>Last summer, the Guest and Employee Experience Team at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport hosted the first ever Dementia Friendly Air Travel Workshop to help passengers with dementia and their care providers plan and learn how to navigate a busy airport. Phoenix Sky Harbor was the first airport in the country to offer this workshop, and was recognized by Airports Council International – North America as the best Customer Experience Program for Large Airports as part of their Excellence in Airport Marketing, Communications and Customer Experience Awards.<br><br>The Dementia Friendly Air Travel Workshop will bring together representatives from the airport, airlines, and TSA to share information and tips while answering questions from family members of those with dementia and care providers.  <br><br>The second Dementia Friendly Air Travel Workshop will be held on Wednesday, Jan. 10, from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. Those interested in learning more or wishing to attend the workshop can email <a href="mailto:skyharbor@phoenix.gov" target="_blank">skyharbor@phoenix.gov</a>. Include the subject line “Dementia Friendly Air Travel Workshop Registration." Those interested in attending should register in advance as seating for the event is limited. <br><br><strong>Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, <em>America's Friendliest Airport</em>®</strong>, has an annual economic impact of more than $38 billion. On an average day, approximately 1,200 aircraft and more than 130,000 passengers arrive at and depart from Sky Harbor every day. PHX Sky Harbor is funded with airport revenue. No tax dollars are used to support the airport.<br></html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/aviationNewsaviationAviation






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