ASU Scientist One Step Closer to Finding a Cure to Cancerhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/ced/980Community and Economic Development2/19/2020 7:00:00 AMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/980/Newsroom_CED_0042.jpgASU Scientist One Step Closer to Finding a Cure to Cancer<div class="ExternalClass68141E6E15E641C2BCE5D269A7767CFA"><html> <div>A cancer diagnosis can change everything in a profound way. It's something many of us have a personal connection to. But one scientist at Arizona State University is taking his experience and channeling it to find a cure.<br></div> <div> <br> </div> <div style="text-align:center;"> <em>By Cameron Polom for KGUN TV9 and ABC15 News</em> <br> </div> <div> <br> </div> <div>"This is my brother in law Tommy, he was on a medical mission in Haiti," said Dr. Grant McFadden.</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>Dr. McFadden has a picture of Tommy hanging in his office that motivates him every day.</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>"It was horrible to be honest, some cancers are more horrible than others, multiple Myeloma in the terminal stages is really a terrible cancer," said McFadden.<br></div> <div> <br> </div> <div>Image caption: <em>Dr. Grant McFadden, Arizona State University, Biodesign Institute. </em><br></div> <div>Image credit: <em>ABC15 News</em><br></div> <div> <br> </div> <div>Read the full story at <a href="https://www.kgun9.com/news/state/asu-scientist-one-step-closer-to-finding-a-cure-to-cancer" target="_blank">KGUN-TV9​</a><br></div> </html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/econdevNewscedCED
Here Are the States Where Americans Don’t Want to Live Anymore in 2020https://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/ced/979Community and Economic Development2/16/2020 7:00:00 AMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/979/Newsroom_CED_0041.jpgHere Are the States Where Americans Don’t Want to Live Anymore in 2020<div class="ExternalClass5368DCE3060A4462AABD52DE4C9E4743"><html> <div>​The population of America is growing by a couple of million every year. Yet, that growth isn’t spread evenly. While some states are seeing a population boom, others are going bust.<br></div> <div> <br> </div> <div style="text-align:center;"> <em>By Kathy Morris for Zippia</em> <br> </div> <div> <br> </div> <div>While births and deaths account can shift the numbers, the biggest movement by far comes from state-to-state movement. However, since some states have significantly stronger economies and sizzling hot job markets, they draw in residents like flies to honey (or workers to money.)</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>Meanwhile, other states are left to deal with shrinking populations and all the negative consequences that dwindling numbers carry with it. When people leave, they take their income and their talent with them. A substantial enough migration can even impact the political power of a state. We hit the numbers to find the states American workers are fleeing– and where they are moving to.<br></div> <div> <br> </div> <div> <div> <strong>U.S. Census Estimates: Fastest Growing States</strong> </div> <div> <ol> <li>Arizona<br></li> <li>Idaho<br></li> <li>Utah</li> <li>Washington</li> <li>Colorado</li> <li>Florida</li> <li>South Dakota</li> <li>Texas</li> <li>Nevada</li> <li>South Carolina​<br></li> </ol> <div> <strong>U.S. Census Estimates: States with Greatest Population Loss</strong> <br> </div> </div> </div> <div> <div> <ol> <li>​New York<br></li> <li>New Jersey</li> <li>West Virginia</li> <li>Louisiana</li> <li>Hawaii</li> <li>Illinois</li> <li>Connecticut</li> <li>Alaska</li> <li>Wyoming</li> <li>Rhode Island​</li> </ol> </div> <div></div><span id="ms-rterangepaste-end"></span><div>Image caption: <em>Arizona is rated 50th in the Zippia ranking of states people want to leave. It could also be read that Arizona is the top state to which people want to move.</em></div><div>Image credit: <em>Zippia.com</em><br></div><br> </div> <div> <em>​Read the complete story and see the data at </em> <a href="https://www.zippia.com/advice/states-americans-dont-want-live-anymore-2020/" target="_blank"> <em>Zippia</em> </a><br></div> </html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/econdevNewscedCED
Area Near the New Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway is a Hot Spot for Developershttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/ced/918Community and Economic Development2/6/2020 7:00:00 AMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/918/Newsroom_CED_0039.jpgArea Near the New Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway is a Hot Spot for Developers<div class="ExternalClass494A01E2249D4F74A09B737F2701542C"><html> <div>​The new South Mountain Freeway has been open to traffic for more than a month and there are more changes coming to the area. A lot of nearby land is for sale and developers are buying.<br></div> <div> <br> </div> <div style="text-align:center;"> <em>Television report by Nicole Garcia for Fox10 News</em> </div> <div> <br> </div> <div>Fox10 News reports on the changes in South Mountain and Laveen that will take place now that the new South Mountain Freeway is in operation. Reporter Nicole Garcia interviewed Phoenix Community and Economic Development Director Christine Mackay about the city's plans for the South Mountain Technology Corridor, its new retail power center and the future job corridor. <br></div> <div> <br> </div> <div>See the report on <a href="https://www.fox10phoenix.com/video/651846" target="_blank">Fox10 News​</a><br></div> <div> <br> </div> </html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/econdevNewscedCED
AMA Announces 2020 Leadership, Board Membershttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/ced/919Community and Economic Development2/6/2020 7:00:00 AMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/919/Newsroom_CED_0040.jpgAMA Announces 2020 Leadership, Board Members<div class="ExternalClass4B8B14836AE445F69A5D4CA27A7906B6"><html> <div>​Arizona Multihousing Association, the statewide trade group for the apartment industry, <span style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;">announces the election of its 2020 officers and board members.</span></div> <div> <span style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;"> <br> </span> </div> <div style="text-align:center;"> <span style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;"> <em>By Peter Madrid for Arizona Multihousing Association</em> </span> </div> <div> <span style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;"> <br> </span> </div> <div>Assuming the chair is Kim Pacheco, CPM, Director of Multifamily Operations at Scotia Group Management Inc., in Tucson (featured in photo, above). Joining Pacheco on the leadership group are Reid Butler, vice chair, Butler Housing Company; Scott Hines, treasurer, PEM Real Estate Group; John Carlson, immediate past chair, Mark-Taylor Residential; Linda Coburn, secretary, NexMetro Development; and Sue Campbell, AMC executive, Redi Carpet.</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>“AMA is more than 50 years strong and in 2020 we will be larger and stronger than ever,” Pacheco said. “We are starting 2020 with more than 288,000 units in membership, almost 90,000 more 10 years ago. This year we will continue to focus on legislative and regulatory priorities including the need for more affordable housing.”</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>Board members for 2020: Elizabeth Beaulieu, Quarterpenny Management; Krisanne Beckstead, Picerne Real Estate Group; Lesley Brice, MC Residential; Dahnn Brown, Camden Property Trust; Luz Bruscini, MEB Management Services; Crystal DeHoag, Bella Investment Group; Anna DiSabato, Dunlap & Magee; Kohl Eisenhour, Avenue 5 Residential; Natalie Evans, CoStar/Apartments.com; Kimberly Fitch, Nicolosi & Fitch, Inc.; Tim Furnas, Valley Wide Security.</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>Adam Greco, Burns Pest Elimination; Shelly Griggs, Avanti Residential; Kristin Heiple, Baron Property Services; Robert Hicks, Alliance Residential; Stacey Hogue, Greystar Real Estate Partners; Michelle Howland, Blue Steel Security; Susan Knowles, J.R. McDade; Matt Koglmeier, Koglmeier Law Group PLC; David Kotin, Kay-Kay Realty.</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>Sharon Kuhlman, Shelton Residential; Dustin Lacey, Mark-Taylor; Omar Mireles, HSL Asset Management; April Morris, Cox Communications; Gloria Munoz, Maricopa County Housing; Lisa Osborn-Warne, Priderock Capital Partners; Rich Renta, Weidner; John Rials, Western Wealth Capital; Lisa Rosenfeld, HSL Asset Management; Mark Schilling, MEB Management Services; Tina Schreiber, Alliance; Stacey Searl, Weidner; Christine Shipley, Dunlap & Magee.</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>Michelle Sinclair, Evergreen Devco, Inc.; Justin Steltenpohl, P.B. Bell Companies; Greg Stobart, MG Properties; Carmen Suggs, ConAm; David Vanek, Greystar; Luis Verger, Shelton Residential; Wendy Weiske, Gorman & Company; Debbie Willis, P.B. Bell; Nicole Wray, Greystar; Rhonda Wooder, Stratton Restoration; and Chris Worrell, GPM Landscape.<br></div> </html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/econdevNewscedCED
Ready for a Quality Job? You Can Build the Light Rail Extensionhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/ced/903Community and Economic Development2/5/2020 7:00:00 AMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/903/Newsroom_CED_0037.jpghttps://youtu.be/p4_ANP3ZUe8Ready for a Quality Job? You Can Build the Light Rail Extension<div class="ExternalClass4CEAA9F4252947A5AB5552D794F3D3BB"><html> <div>Quality construction jobs building the  South Central Extension/Downtown Hub light rail project are open to be filled at a hiring event, Tuesday, Feb. 11 at the Arizona@Work South Phoenix Job Center. Kiewit Infrastructure West, the general contractor for the project is looking to hire construction workers for various positions for the multi-year project.<br></div> <div> <br> </div> <div style="text-align:center;"> <em>By Eric Jay Toll for PhxNewsroom</em> </div> <div> <br> </div> <div>Construction jobs in Arizona tend to pay more than average wages, offer benefits and provide a career ladder leading to other positions in the industry. Arizona@Work-City of Phoenix, Kiewit, Valley Metro and Phoenix Transit Department will all be at the event from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>Kiewit is currently looking to hire laborers and heavy equipment operators for the project. The company is also participating with union apprenticeship opportunities to help train the next generation of construction workers. <br></div> <div> <br> </div> <div>Skills gained on this project are readily transferable to other construction projects, creating an opportunity to continue a career in a high-demand industry sector.</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>Arizona@Work offers job skill training to help with interview preparation and resume creation.</div> <div> <br> </div> <div> The city of Phoenix workforce program can connect Valley residents, regardless of where in Maricopa County a person lives, with job opportunities in a variety of fields.<br></div> <div> <br> </div> <div>The South Job Center is located north of Baseline Road at 4635 S. Central Ave. Arizona@Work--Phoenix also has Job Centers in north and west Phoenix.​<br></div> <div> <br> </div> <div>All the details at <a href="https://arizonaatwork.com/events/city-phoenix/build-light-rail-extension-kiewit-infrastructure-hiring-event" target="_blank">Arizona@Work Events Page​</a><br></div> </html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/econdevVideocedCED
Fox10: Reaction to New Developments in Downtown Phoenixhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/ced/904Community and Economic Development2/5/2020 7:00:00 AMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/904/Newsroom_CED_0038.jpgFox10: Reaction to New Developments in Downtown Phoenix<div class="ExternalClassE10530518849480EA8DC2FC737FFB736"><html> <div>​People who have not been to Downtown Phoenix lately may be surprised at the explosive growth in the area.<br></div> <div> <br> </div> <div>New businesses and residences are being built at a record rate, but that had led to mixed emotions.<br></div> <div style="text-align:center;"> <br> </div> <div style="text-align:center;"> <em>By Linda Williams for Fox10 News Phoenix</em> </div> <div> <br> </div> <div>“It is absolutely the hottest it’s ever been. We see about 6,000 units that are either under construction or planned,” said Christine MacKay with Phoenix Community and Economic Development.</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>MacKay actually goes up in cranes and gets a bird's eye view of the boom.</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>“I was able to count 14 cranes in the air in the Downtown Phoenix area, and we’ve got about nine more coming up behind it that are planned,” said MacKay. “Over the next 24 months, we will see 12,000 new people move into Downtown Phoenix.”</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>See the whole video at <a href="https://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/mixed-reaction-to-new-developments-in-downtown-phoenix" target="_blank">Fox10 News<br>​</a><br></div><div>Image caption: <em>Construction workers at the site of the new Downtown Phoenix residential high-rise, the 25-story Adeline Gray apartments.</em><br></div><div><br></div><div>Image credit: <em>Fox10News Phoenix</em><br></div> <div> <br> </div> </html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/econdevNewscedCED
Fly Through the Renovated Talking Stick Resort Arenahttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/ced/898Community and Economic Development2/4/2020 7:00:00 AMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/898/TSRA-20191120-Phoenix-Suns-Pavilion.jpghttps://youtu.be/xHjOvUoA2hs Fly Through the Renovated Talking Stick Resort Arena<div class="ExternalClassFD0D8911283E453EBE857B5F24A916BC"><html> <div>Take a tour through the renovated Talking Stick Resort Arena in a new video simulation produced for the Phoenix Suns. The Phoenix-owned Arena is undergoing a 230-million dollar renovation to create the most audience-experienced, technologically advanced sports and entertainment venue in the nation.<br></div> <div> <br> </div> <div style="text-align:center;"><em>By Eric Jay Toll for PHXNewsroom</em></div> <div> <br> </div> <div>PHX Reimagined is under construction at Jefferson and Second streets in Downtown Phoenix. Even while the Suns are competing through their 2019-2020 season, Okland Construction has begun demolition and renovation of portions of Talking Stick Resort Arena.</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>In April, when the NBA season ends, the Arena goes dark for four months while the first phase of the construction is complete.</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>More than just a simple remodeling, the Phoenix and Suns’ vision for the Arena is a complete reimagination. The changes planned go far beyond just sprucing up the facility and modernizing the quarter-century-old technologies and facilities.</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>Updates to the building’s infrastructure (mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural) are a significant aspect of the redesign, but the majority of the work will exponentially improve the overall fan experience – from the local food offerings to expanded concourses that will increase flow and communal areas for shared experiences, significant improvements in lighting, audio and video resolution, and technology that makes the fan journey smooth and seamless.</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>The first phase of the transformation will be complete to open the 2020 NBA season, and the second phase will be complete to open the 2021 NBA season.</div> <div> <br> </div> <h4>Tech​​nology</h4> <div> <br> </div> <div>The new 5G mobile technology will be incorporated into the Arena at the most extensive level in the U.S. in a partnership with Verizon. The 5G speed enhances mobile ticket and wallet functionality, increase offerings, and include a PayPal generated tap-to-pay technology.</div> <div>Casino Arizona Pavilion</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>Fall 2020 starts with the first major change. The complete rebuild of the main lobby creates the Casino Arizona Pavilion. Fans will see directly into the Arena bowl. The Suns are building a centerpiece lounge area and sports bar.</div> <div> <br> </div> <h4>Video Bo​ards</h4> <div> <br> </div> <div>With technology delivering the same quality as a high-end living room video device, the Arena bowl will feature more than 8,500 square feet of video display. That’s roughly the size of four typical Phoenix single-family homes. The video screens will show games, messages and partner promotions.</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>More than 750 video displays will be in the Arena.</div> <div> <br> </div> <h4>Food an​​d Drink</h4> <div> <br> </div> <div>A family-friendly food court on the upper concourse is another major new feature. Food offerings will be from a variety of local restaurateurs. Two new corner bars inside the seating bowl on the main concourse floor level will offer a different level of social experience during games and events.</div> <div> <br> </div> <h4>Sea​​ting</h4> <div> <br> </div> <div>Current Arena seating will now become more than 17,000 cushioned seats. Put into a context, it’s the equivalent of 287 side-by-side basketball courts or about 5 miles of seating.</div> <div>Suites and clubs</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>Skyboxes and luxury suites are now commonplace in sports arenas. Talking Stick Resort Arena is renovating the facilities to feature 11 different types. A total of 55 suites, eight new theatre boxes and new VIP clubs are part of the renovation. The Suns will commemorate the original opening of the Arena with an exclusive club, 1968, that will replace the team’s internal practice facility.<br></div><div><br></div><div>Read more at <a href="https://www.nba.com/suns/project201" target="_blank">Project 201 The Arena Reimagined​</a><br></div> </html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/econdevVideocedCED
Phoenix Tops Nation in Small Business Hiring for Januaryhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/ced/901Community and Economic Development2/4/2020 7:00:00 AMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/901/Newsroom_CED_0036.jpgPhoenix Tops Nation in Small Business Hiring for January<div class="ExternalClass145259E999B6433F9D8CE0A46C96ABC0"><html> <div>​The Phoenix metro fared the best among major U.S. metro areas in small business hiring for January 2020, according to the Paychex IHS Markit Small Business Employment Watch. Click <a href="/newssite/_layouts/15/Catalog.aspx?Url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ephoenix%2Egov%2Fecondevsite%2FMediaAssets%2FEconomyUpdate%2FNEWSROOM%2D20200204%2DPhoenix%2Dtops%2DJan%2DSmall%2DBiz%2DHiring%2Ejpg" target="_blank">here </a>for a larger view of the chart.<br></div><div style="text-align:center;"><br></div><div style="text-align:center;"><em>By Eric Jay Toll for PhxNewsroom</em><br></div> <div> <br> </div> <div>Although Phoenix was at the top of the list of top 20 metros for small business job change, the market still hit negative numbers for the second month in a row. The Phoenix small business hiring index, 99.84, was the best among the metros, but all 20 markets were showing negative small business job growth.<br></div><div><br></div> <div>Small business wages in the Phoenix-Mesa-Chandler metro rose more than 1.8 percent to $27.14 per hour compared to a year earlier. That ranked 15th among the top 20 metro areas. San Francisco and Los Angeles topped the wage list with year-over-year wage increases of more than 4 percent. San Francisco's small business wages are now at $35/37 per hour and L.A. is $30.34.<br></div> <div> <br> </div> <div>Los Angeles and San Francisco, along with Seattle, Riverside, New York and San Diego, were among the metros with the largest small business job losses. Except for Riverside and Seattle, the same markets were among those with the highest small business wage increases. On the flip side of those data, Phoenix, Dallas and Houston, which had lower wage increases, showed better hiring performance.</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>The January report from Paychex is the fourth month in a row that national small business hiring has been showing negative numbers.</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>Small businesses are crucial to the Phoenix area. Companies with fewer than 100 employees comprise more than 97 percent of the businesses in Maricopa and Pinal counties, the two counties comprising the metro area. </div> <div> <br> </div> <div>“Small business hiring is a good economic conditions indicator,” said Jim Rounds, president of the Rounds Consulting Group. “With the number of small companies in the Valley, it’s important to watch the hiring trends in small business. Their workforce is larger than the large companies.”</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>In a reflection of the growing national trend towards increased minimum wages, leisure and hospitality had the highest wage year-over-year percentage increase, 5.1 percent. Reflecting a huge demand for skilled workers and increased hiring nationally, manufacturing was second on the list with a 3.6 percent increase. However, the average manufacturing wage is $27.69 per hour nationally and $17.90 hourly in leisure and hospitality. Third on the list was trade, transportation and utilities, $25.57 per hour nationally, where wages gained 3.4 percent in year-over-year comparisons.</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>The trade sector, which includes logistics and distributions, had strong job gains in Phoenix during December 2019. January 2020 metro area employment figures hit the street in early March.</div> <div> <br> </div> <div><span id="ms-rterangepaste-start"></span>Across the nation, “other” services led sectors in hiring, followed by healthcare and then construction. In December, business services, construction and health care were the strongest hiring sectors in .the Phoenix metro.​<span id="ms-rterangepaste-end"></span><br></div><div><br></div> <div>Small business manufacturing hiring showed a decline nationally, but in Phoenix, the sector has reported 39 consecutive months of increased hiring. It has been one of the more robust hiring sectors, according to the Arizona Economic Opportunity Office.<br></div><div><br></div> <div>At the state level, Tennessee and Arizona were the only states reporting net gains in small business hiring. Tennessee’s index at 101.4 was highest in the nation. <br></div><div><br></div> <div>Arizona’s 100.8 index shows just minor job gain in small business hiring. All other states reported job losses. Texas ranked third among states, but still showed a slight loss of small business jobs.</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>Arizona and Texas came in dead last among states for year-over-year wage gains at the state level. Statewide, Arizona wages rose 1.8 percent to $26.08 per hour. Texas clocked a 1.5 percent gain to $26.82 per hour.<br></div><div><br></div> <div>New York (4.1 percent) and California (4.0 percent) have the biggest year-over-year small business wage gains. Among all states, Washington and Massachusetts have the highest average wages, both over $31 per hour. California, Illinois and Virginia average over $30 per hour for small business wages. Arizona is in the middle of the pack.​<br></div><div><br></div><div>Read the full report at <a href="https://www.paychex.com/employment-watch/" target="_blank">Paychex IHS Markit Small Business Employment Watch​</a><br></div> <br></html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/econdevNewscedCED



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