Councilman DiCiccio’s COVID-19 Planhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/district-6/1649City Council District 612/3/2020 8:00:00 PMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/1649/Newsroom_Council_News_06.jpgCouncilman DiCiccio’s COVID-19 Plan<div class="ExternalClassE0DDBCB0876E4010895D4428EAF05E0D"><html> <p>​<strong style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;">HERE IS A LOGICAL PLAN FOR COVID:</strong></p>1. Open all of the schools and playgrounds-this is the safest thing we can do for our children and for all of our families. Healthcare workers are staying home instead of being at work because they cannot take care of their children<br><br>2. Those that are at high risk and vulnerable in particular the elderly should shelter in place<br><br>3. Those that are at high risk and the elderly are first priority -along with healthcare and frontline workers, teachers, grocery store and restaurant employees - to get the vaccine<br><br><p>4. Use the $143 Million the City of Phoenix took from the federal government to feed the elderly and those most vulnerable as they shelter in place<br></p></html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/district6Newsdistrict-6District 6SalDiCiccio
Statement from Councilman DiCiccio on Failure of Leadership and Cancellation of Youth Tournamentshttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/district-6/1645City Council District 612/3/2020 12:25:00 AMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/1645/Newsroom_Council_Statement_06.jpgStatement from Councilman DiCiccio on Failure of Leadership and Cancellation of Youth Tournaments<div class="ExternalClassB75C8A0B10A243FE9C11C6E2A3F719B6"><html>​“UTTER FAILURE OF LEADERSHIP: Mayor Gallego has spent months attacking the state over their COVID measures, but has not proposed even one single bold move of her own. Not one single bold move. Instead, she has repeatedly relied on knee-jerk reactions like we saw today regarding the parks. To be clear, Phoenix has no plan to protect the general public from COVID. No plan to protect our seniors from COVID. None.  <br><br>If the mayor is so concerned about the COVID virus, she might want to spend a little more time developing a real public health plan for the entire general public and a little less time grandstanding and attacking others. I do not have to agree with the plan, but at least do something other than just talk about it."<br><br></html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/district6Newsdistrict-6District 6SalDiCiccio
Councilman Sal DiCiccio’s Statement on Today’s Failed OAT Board Votehttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/district-6/1630City Council District 611/19/2020 12:00:00 AMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/1630/Newsroom_Council_Statement_06.jpgCouncilman Sal DiCiccio’s Statement on Today’s Failed OAT Board Vote<div class="ExternalClass4ADE0EE6EE624E5CAFC3DBED786FCA5D"><html> <strong>BREAKING: Phx stops anti-police motion on 5-4 vote today. </strong><br> <br>“The vote today intended to approve the "Office of Accountability and Transparency" was no such thing. It would have been the first step to defunding our police - putting you and your family at risk.<br><br>The people who hate our police will not stop until they trash our city - just like they have in Portland, Seattle and Minneapolis.<br><br>Every single one of them HAS an anti-police activist driven "oversight committee" - and none of them have peace. You can't appease a mob.<br><br>Radical anti-police protesters will not stop until they have destroyed the foundations of law and order in this country.<br><br>I will be pushing for reasonable oversight of police, and pushing for the entire community to vote on it: not just the crazy anti-police people who dominate City Hall, but everyone in our city."<br></html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/district6Newsdistrict-6District 6SalDiCiccio
Councilman DiCiccio Fires Back at ASU's Cronkite School over Termination of Deanhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/district-6/1544City Council District 610/2/2020 7:00:00 PMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/1544/Newsroom_Council_Statement_06.jpgCouncilman DiCiccio Fires Back at ASU's Cronkite School over Termination of Dean<div class="ExternalClass91C5B156018940FEAD12AC302DA7C51C"><html>​“The Cronkite School fired their Dean for tweeting prayers for police and fired the head of their radio station for pointing out Jacob Blake was a criminal with a vile history of abusive acts toward women.<br><br>I'm firing back.<br><br>See the letter I sent to ASU President Michael Crow and ASU Lobbyist Matt Salmon":<br><br><p style="text-align:center;"></p><p style="text-align:center;"><a target="_blank" href="/district6site/Documents/Cronkite%20Letter.pdf">Click for PDF of Letter​​</a><span style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;">​</span><img src="/district6site/MediaAssets/Cronkite%20Letter-page-001.jpg" style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;margin:5px;width:502px;" /><br></p><p><br></p></html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/district6Newsdistrict-6District 6SalDiCiccio
DiCiccio and Nowakowski Present Plan for Relocation of Human Services Campushttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/district-6/1522City Council District 69/24/2020 12:00:00 AMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/1522/Newsroom_Council_News_06.jpgDiCiccio and Nowakowski Present Plan for Relocation of Human Services Campus<div class="ExternalClass0215AEC877EC436DB8C55A950F8979E1"><html>​There is a current push to expand the Homeless Services Campus in downtown Phoenix. Many of the neighborhoods surrounding the campus - already under siege - are fighting to prevent this due to the extraordinary impacts of so many chronic street-homeless being concentrated in their neighborhood. They're right, but so are homeless advocates who say we need more shelter and low-income housing options. <br><br>Rather than expand the campus, and thereby increase the impacts on neighborhoods that are already bearing the brunt of our homeless crisis, we respectfully urge our colleagues, along with state, county, and city officials from throughout Arizona, to consider a better solution: St. Luke's.<br><br>We will never again have an opportunity to acquire a fully built, large scale hospital to serve the needs of our homeless population. St. Luke's has room to support the expansion of shelter and service options for our homeless, in an area with easy access to mass transit, and one that is significantly more isolated from any surrounding neighborhoods.<br><br>Relocating the Human Services Campus to St. Luke's will provide a better environment to assist our homeless population AND help protect our neighbors and neighborhoods. Further, relocating the Campus from the current location would allow for the sale of this extremely valuable piece of property – monies from which could be used to create new shelter and housing options throughout the Valley.<br><br>The City of Phoenix alone does not have the resources to accomplish this plan, but Phoenix should not have to stand alone. We must take a regional approach in order to resolve this issue. The State of Arizona, Maricopa County, and our other surrounding valley cities need to step up as well – and they should. Homelessness and housing insecurity affect us all, and everyone needs to have a hand in addressing these issues. It cannot solely weigh on Phoenix.<br><span style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;"><br>A</span>ccordingly, we are asking elected officials throughout the State of Arizona to support our plan to relocate Phoenix's Human Services Campus to the former St. Luke's hospital location, and seek to allocate any and all resources necessary to provide these critical services to the most vulnerable among us, while also protecting our neighbors and neighborhoods.<br><p></p><p>Sincerely,<br><img style="margin:5px;width:213px;height:62px;" src="/district6site/MediaAssets/DiCiccioSignature.png" />     <img style="margin:5px;width:209px;height:39px;" src="/district6site/MediaAssets/CouncilmanNowakowski_Signature.png" /><br>Councilman Sal DiCiccio                                      Councilman Michael Nowakowski<br>Phoenix Council District 6                                   Phoenix Council District 7​<br></p></html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/district6Newsdistrict-6District 6SalDiCiccio
Councilman DiCiccio - BREAKING: Federal Officer Shot In Drive-By In Downtown Phoenix https://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/district-6/1505City Council District 69/15/2020 7:00:00 PMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/1505/Newsroom_Council_Statement_06.jpgCouncilman DiCiccio - BREAKING: Federal Officer Shot In Drive-By In Downtown Phoenix <div class="ExternalClass31B0785EFA6B455B981774AF8934CE62"><html>​“If you didn't think it could happen here, it just did. A federal officer was just shot in front of the Sandra Day O'Connor federal building in a drive-by attack. Multiple shots were fired at the officer who was struck in the vest. Injuries are believed to be non-life threatening. Make no mistake, this is a direct result of the extremist anti-police attacks we have seen from BLM and Antifa across the country. This insanity needs to stop. <br><br>This is all the information I have at this time. I will update you as soon as I learn more."<br><br></html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/district6Newsdistrict-6District 6SalDiCiccio
Councilman DiCiccio’s Statement on BLM Mural Backpedalinghttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/district-6/1495City Council District 69/10/2020 12:30:00 AMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/1495/Newsroom_Council_Statement_06.jpgCouncilman DiCiccio’s Statement on BLM Mural Backpedaling<div class="ExternalClassE1FDC1B402144EAE8C2FB65A3849BA1D"><html>​“This is Government Speak for: “Public would have handed us our a** if we allowed the BLM mural to happen."<br><br>Never underestimate political self-preservation.<br><br><p>We Win Again!!!"<br></p><p><img src="/district6site/MediaAssets/CouncilmanDiCiccio_September9.png" style="margin:5px;width:501px;" /><br></p></html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/district6Newsdistrict-6District 6SalDiCiccio
Statement from Councilman DiCiccio on Phoenix City Council Vote to Reopen Outdoor Fields https://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/district-6/1485City Council District 69/3/2020 2:30:00 AMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/1485/Newsroom_Council_Statement_06.jpgStatement from Councilman DiCiccio on Phoenix City Council Vote to Reopen Outdoor Fields <div class="ExternalClass5AFF17EFB5ED49B485951FA70EC7CEAE"><html>​“I am incredibly pleased to announce that the Phoenix City Council voted today to approve my motion to reopen our outdoor sports fields as soon as possible, with reasonable precautions in place. Kids and adults alike need to be able to get out there and play sports safely, now they can. This is a huge victory for our citizens, earned through their earnest measures to combat the Covid pandemic.<br><br>Special thanks to my colleagues Thelda Williams and Jim Waring for co-authoring the effort to put this on today's agenda, and to the rest of the Council and Mayor Gallego for their prudent and compassionate decision-making on behalf of all of our constituents. Even those who expressed concerns with this plan had valuable and valid points to add to the discussion, and I hope to help address many of those issues in the coming weeks with the help of our tremendous Parks and Recreation staff. <br><br>The decision to move forward with my original motion to open our fields as soon as possible wasn't easy. But I believe we have done the right thing by our residents today, and look forward to seeing our kids back at play."<br></html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/district6Newsdistrict-6District 6SalDiCiccio



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