On Location with Councilman Kevin Robinson | Wrigley Mansionhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/district-6/2980City Council District 61/12/2024 12:05:00 AMhttps://youtu.be/TzvChd6fmV4?si=__ngoeFQR-OmI0CTOn Location with Councilman Kevin Robinson | Wrigley Mansion<div class="ExternalClass1C33F43E783A408E8EC34080B8E9FF3F"><html> <p>​<span id="ms-rterangepaste-start"></span><span style="font-size:13.3333px;">In this episode of "On Location", Phoenix Councilman Kevin Robinson tours the iconic Wrigley Mansion with Devon Jesse, the Assistant Wine Director, and Certified Sommelier. Devon describes the process of becoming a certified sommelier and gives some history about the mansion as the pair tours the wine bar and cellar, restaurants, and receive a live performance of the only self-playing Steinway piano.</span>​<span id="ms-rterangepaste-end"></span><br></p> </html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/district6Videodistrict-6District 6KevinRobinsonCooper Payne602-329-2445cooper.payne@phoenix.govphxdistrict6



The City of Phoenix Receives Findings Report from U.S. Department of Justice Investigationhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/police/3129Police6/13/2024 6:00:00 PMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/3129/20240108_151306.jpgThe City of Phoenix Receives Findings Report from U.S. Department of Justice Investigation<div class="ExternalClass3B5230C61A0C437190F13A5570EF693E"><html> <p>​<strong>Phoenix, Ariz.</strong> – The City of Phoenix (CoP) and Phoenix Police Department (PPD) are reviewing the findings from a nearly three-year investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice.</p><p><span style="font-size:10pt;">City leaders and mem</span><span style="font-size:10pt;">bers of the community are eager to read the evidence and insights provided by the DOJ which support its findings. “We are taking all allegations seriously and are planning to review this lengthy report with an open mind," City Manager Jeff Barton said in a message to city employees. “Self-reflection is an important step in continuous improvement, and our Police Department has demonstrated a commitment to reform by making improvements to policy, discipline, internal investigations and training," Barton went on to say.</span></p><p><span style="font-size:10pt;">As Phoenix city leadership has previously indicated, it is not in the best interest of residents to make any decisions that will affect public safety without adequate time to review the report. The City of Phoenix has reiterated this position in writing to the DOJ, </span><a style="font-size:10pt;" href="/policesite/Documents/DOJ/Police_DOJ_Investigation_06-13-24.pdf" target="_blank">City of Phoenix Response to U.S. Department of Justice Report: June 13th, 2024​</a><span style="font-size:10pt;">.​</span></p><p> “We want to see not only what these individual incidents are that the Department of Justice refers to, but we also want to see whether it included policy change or whether it possibly included discipline, or other changes within the department as far as practices go," said Interim Police Chief Michael Sullivan.</p><p>The decisions made in response to the findings report will have long-term consequences for the city and its residents. For that reason, the city and PPD need to analyze and discuss the full array of costs and benefits of entering into a binding, long-term relationship with the DOJ. <br><br> The Phoenix Police Department has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement by enhancing policy, accountability and training. The City of Phoenix highlighted these, and other improvements in a report titled <a target="_blank" href="/policesite/Documents/DOJ/PPD_RoadtoReform_January2024.pdf">The Phoenix Police Department: The Road to Reform</a>.</p><p>The CoP and PPD have cooperated with the DOJ's investigation for nearly three years. Thousands of requested documents and Body Worn Camera videos have been provided, and access to trainings, interviews and ride-alongs were all granted by the City of Phoenix. We appreciate the dedication demonstrated by the DOJ in identifying certain issues that are worthy of careful review. We remain committed to improving service to all residents in Phoenix regardless of federal intervention. </p><p>The City of Phoenix looks forward to continued dialogue with the DOJ and welcomes the next steps in this process. For more information of the Department of Justice Investigation into the City of Phoenix and Phoenix Police Department, as well as resources on police reforms, visit <a target="_blank" href="/police/doj">phoenix.gov/doj</a>.<br></p><br style="font-family:"Segoe UI", Segoe, Tahoma, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;font-size:14.6667px;"></html></div>https://phoenix.gov/policeNews
Monsoon Preparedness-Swiftwater Rescue Traininghttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/fire/3128Fire6/13/2024 4:00:00 PMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/3128/Swift Water Rescue Training Newsroom Feature Image(12).jpghttps://youtu.be/a6zzKw3Ll0wMonsoon Preparedness-Swiftwater Rescue Training<div class="ExternalClass2C6A11B2C18C4AE8843C042E7B12CD1A"><html> <p>​Phoenix Fire Department recently began interagency swiftwater rescue training ahead of the start of the monsoon season. Keeping these skills sharp is important. Phoenix PIO Captain Rob McDade said "We want to perform this evolution on a scene, on an incident to where we've done it hundreds of times. The communication is seamless, everybody knows their role. This training is essential to make sure we're all on the same page, we all understand what the mission is, what the goal is." <br></p> </html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/fireVideo
Enroll in a Service Animal Awareness Workshophttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/equal-opportunity/3127Equal Opportunity6/12/2024 4:00:00 PMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/3127/Newsroom_EOD_037.jpgEnroll in a Service Animal Awareness Workshop<div class="ExternalClass886A38FDB82F420BA5CFA1864D1ECA28"><html> <p>​The Mayor's Commission on Disability Issues and Guide Dogs of America present Service Animal Awareness with speaker Greg Steinmetz on Tuesday, July 16, at noon.</p> <p> The purpose of this webinar is to provide insights into the vital role service animals play in the lives of individuals with disabilities. The discussion will include the definition and types of service animals, various legal rights and requirements, and etiquette for interacting with service animals and their handlers. </p> <p> <strong>About the Speaker:</strong> </p> <p> Greg Steinmetz is the Sr. Manager of Admissions & Graduate Services at Guide Dogs of America | Tender Loving Canines. With a profound commitment to enhancing the lives of individuals with visual impairments, Greg brings a wealth of experience and dedication to his role. His background has equipped him with the expertise necessary to build successful partnerships with service animals and provide guidance in training, behavior, etiquette, and advocacy. </p> <p> WebEx <a target="_blank" href="https://cityofphoenix.webex.com/weblink/register/r6b3694a6cf291fb69c7e0ec61ee2415e"><strong>Registration Link</strong></a></p><br></html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/eodNews



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