Phoenix Public Transit and Region Promotes Social Distancing on Buseshttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/public-transit/1078Public Transit4/8/2020 4:30:00 PMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/1078/Newsroom_Virus_Impacts.pngPhoenix Public Transit and Region Promotes Social Distancing on Buses<div class="ExternalClass1DED07F4D44E4E9382EB1C9CF52D5B65"><html> <p> <strong>​</strong><a target="_blank" href="/newsroom/em-and-hs/1054"><strong>See all City of Phoenix Impacted Services</strong></a><strong>​ </strong><br><span style="color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;background-color:window;"><em>U</em></span><span style="color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;background-color:window;"><em>se Translate button to read in another language​ </em></span></p><p>As a result of the continued impacts of COVID-19, the city of Phoenix Public Transit Department will reduce bus service beginning May 4. <a href="/newsroom/public-transit/1161" target="_blank">Click here</a> for more information on service reductions. </p><p><strong>Effective Monday, April 13, Limited Seating on All Bus Routes </strong></p><p>Seating on all bus routes is limited in order to support social distancing measures between passengers. These measures were approved by the <a target="_blank" href="/publictransitsite/Documents/Local%20Emergency%20Declaration_Public%20Transit.pdf">Phoenix City Council</a> on April 6 to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and for the safety of all community members.  </p><p>Passenger limits will be as follows, with exceptions for wheelchair and mobility aid users as needed:</p><ul><li>Maximum of five (5) passengers on smaller neighborhood circulator vehicles (ALEX, MARY, SMART routes)</li><li>Maximum of ten (10) passengers on a regular 40-foot bus</li><li>Maximum of fifteen (15) passengers on a 60-foot articulated (bendy type) bus</li></ul><p>Should vehicle capacity be reached, bus operators may not allow additional boardings until additional capacity becomes available. In such cases, passengers may need to wait for the next bus. <br><br>The city of Phoenix and Valley Metro, who also operates bus services in the metro area, are coordinating a regional effort to further educate riders on social distancing while on board public transportation. The signage that will be added to buses will be consistent for passengers across this region.<br><br>Passengers are encouraged to plan additional travel time, as these measures may impact their trip. </p><p>Passengers are also reminded to use public transit only for necessary trips. We ask everyone to continue to practice social distancing while riding, including:</p><ul><li>boarding using the rear doors, </li><li>visually showing fare to the driver, </li><li>staying at least six feet apart while waiting at bus stops and </li><li>in accordance with CDC guidance, wearing a cloth mask covering their nose and mouth. </li></ul><p>Recognizing there is currently a lower demand, public transit is nonetheless a critical service for many essential service workers in our communities. We are working to ensure that those who depend on transit are able to continue using our system and get to their destinations safely.<br><br>We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during these times. <br><strong></strong></p><strong><span id="ms-rterangepaste-start"></span>Light Rail Schedule Adjustments </strong><strong>Effective April 11, 2020 Until Further Notice </strong><br>Beginning Saturday, April 11, <a target="_blank" href="https://www.valleymetro.org/news/service-impacts-due-covid-19">light rail </a>will be on the same schedule Monday-Saturday, 15-minute frequency 4 a.m-6 p.m. with no late night service on Friday and Saturday. Sunday service will remain the same. Local bus, circulators, and paratransit continue to operate on regular schedules.<br><br><span id="ms-rterangepaste-end"></span><p><strong>Express and RAPID Bus Service Schedules Reduced Due to COVID-19 <strong>Effective April 6, 2020 Until Further Notice </strong></strong></p><p><span id="ms-rterangepaste-end"></span>Express and RAPID commuter bus route schedules will continuie to operate on a reduced schedule, and will operate fewer trips each weekday morning and evening. Riders should check <a target="_blank" href="https://www.valleymetro.org/news/service-impacts-due-covid-19">valleymetro.org</a> for trip planning. This is a proactive step to maintain local bus route service for those who fully rely on public transit for critical trips.<br><br>There has been less demand for commuter trips, and we are reallocating our skilled workforce of operators, supervisors and maintenance workers to focus on our local bus routes at this time. <br><strong></strong></p><p><strong>Phoenix Transit Centers Effective March 23, 2020 Until Further Notice </strong><br>Customer service windows at the following Phoenix transit centers will remain closed until further notice: </p><ul><li>Central Station (Central Avenue and Van Buren Street)</li><li>Ed Pastor (Central Avenue and Broadway Road)</li><li>Sunnyslope (3rd Street and Dunlap Avenue)</li><li>Metrocenter (Metrocenter Mall)</li></ul><p>Various options for purchasing fares remain available to passengers, such as ticket vending machines located throughout light rail platforms, at <a target="_blank" href="https://www.valleymetro.org/where-to-buy">participating retailers</a> or <a target="_blank" href="https://www.valleymetro.org/online-fare-purchase">online</a>.<br><br>For an appointment to reclaim lost and found items, please call (602) 534-5053 between 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday – Friday.<br><br>Access to Public Transit Department offices at 302 N. First Ave. including the Business and Workforce Development Center (across from Central Station), will be by appointment only. To make an appointment with Public Transit, email pubtrans@phoenix.gov, or call (602) 262-7242. <br><br>To make an appointment at the Workforce Development Center email phoenix.business.center@phoenix.gov, or call 602-256-3147.</p><p>For general transit-related information, please contact Valley Metro customer service at <a target="_blank" href="https://www.valleymetro.org/news/valley-metro-customer-service-during-covid-19">valleymetro.org</a> or call (602) 253-5000 or TTY (602) 251-2039 between 5 a.m. - 10 p.m. Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. - 8 p.m. Saturdays or 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sundays or you can email <a target="_blank" href="mailto:csr@valleymetro.org">csr@valleymetro.org</a>. <br></p><p>Click here to view <a target="_blank" href="/publictransitsite/Documents/Local%20Emergency%20Declaration_Public%20Transit.pdf"><span id="ms-rterangepaste-start"></span>Local Emergency Declaration</a>. <span id="ms-rterangepaste-end"></span>We will continue to update riders and community members on <a target="_blank" href="https://www.valleymetro.org/news/our-response-coronavirus"><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><font color="#0066cc">valleymetro.org</font></span></a> and social media. Twitter: @valleymetro @PhoenixMetroBus<br></p><p>Thank you for your patience and stay safe. <br></p><p><a target="_blank" href="/newsroom/em-and-hs/1054"><strong>See all City of Phoenix Impacted Services​</strong></a><br></p> </html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/publictransitNewspublic-transitPublic Transit Impacted Services UpdatePublic Transit@ValleyMetro @PhoenixMetroBus @CityofPhoenixAZ #CoronavirusPublic Transit changes, Lightrail service change, bus service change, public transportation changes, City of Phoenix, FAQs, Virus information, Phoenix city changes, Phoenix service changes, Phoenix closures, City of Phoenix coronavirus updateBrenda Yanez602-571-5895602-261-8254brenda.yanez@phoenix.govhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/MediaContact/Attachments/28/Brenda_Yanez.jpgAthena Sanchez602-261-8392athena.sanchez@phoenix.govhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/MediaContact/Attachments/82/Athena_Sanchez.jpgPhoenixMetroBus



COVID-19 Information, Testing, Resources, and City Impactshttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/em-and-hs/1561Emergency Management & Homeland Security1/19/2021 4:30:00 PMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/1561/Newsroom_Combined.jpgCOVID-19 Information, Testing, Resources, and City Impacts<div class="ExternalClassCFC307A1B8E84A14920096500EC95862"><html> <p>​<strong>We're in this together!</strong> Looking for help? Find information related to the COVID-19 pandemic on this page. Residents with questions about city services and programs are encouraged to call <strong>(602) 262-3111</strong> or e-mail <a target="_blank" href="mailto:contactus@phoenix.gov">contactus@phoenix.gov</a>​. ​​​​​​​​Phoenix small businesses needing help can call the Phoenix Community and Economic Development hotline at <strong>(602) 262-5040</strong>.</p> <h3>Phoenix Testing Blitz: Free COVID-19 Testing Events</h3> <p> <a target="_blank" href="/newsroom/em-and-hs/1399">Find upcoming testing dates and locations, either on-site or with Phoenix's Mobile Testing Van. Learn more.</a> <br></p> <h3>Phoenix Requires Face Coverings; Frequently Asked Questions</h3> <p> <a target="_blank" href="/newsroom/em-and-hs/1353">Face masks are still required in the City of Phoenix. Learn more.</a> <br> </p> <h3>City of Phoenix Impacted City Services Update</h3> <p> <a target="_blank" href="/newsroom/em-and-hs/1054">Learn what's impacted with current city services. Learn more.</a> <br> </p> <h3>Coronavirus Business & Resident Resources </h3> <p> <a target="_blank" href="/resources">Additional resources for Phoenix businesses, the workforce, and residents relating to COVID-19. Learn more.</a> <br> </p> <h3>Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) Strategic Plan</h3> <p> <a target="_blank" href="/COVIDrelief">Information and updates on the Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) Strategic Plan funded by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Learn more.</a> <br> </p> <h3>Special Events More Than 50 People </h3> <p> <a target="_blank" href="/citymanager/specialevent">Help slow the spread of COVID-19! Download application to host a Special Event of more than 50 people in Phoenix. Learn more.</a> </p> </html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/emergencyNews
Phoenix Testing Blitz: Free COVID-19 Testing Eventshttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/em-and-hs/1399Emergency Management & Homeland Security1/19/2021 4:30:00 PMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/1399/Newsroom_Virus_Testing.jpgPhoenix Testing Blitz: Free COVID-19 Testing Events<div class="ExternalClass404B1D522585402AA945BEBF53F5F979"><html> <p>Community partners are holding free COVID-19 testing sites on select dates. Pre-registration is required. No cost to community members with no insurance. Mobile Testing Van Locations are listed below. Since its launch on Aug. 18, the COVID-19 Mobile Testing Van has administered more than 35,000 antigen and antibodies tests at nearly 100 locations.<span style="color:rgb(191, 0, 113);text-decoration-style:solid;text-decoration-color:rgb(191, 0, 113);">​​ </span></p><p><span id="ms-rterangepaste-start"></span><strong></strong><span id="ms-rterangepaste-start"></span><a target="_blank" href="/newsroom/em-and-hs/1561"><strong>Related:</strong> Find information related to the COVID-19 virus and City of Phoenix, including testing, resources, and city impacts. <strong>Visit the information page.</strong></a></p><span id="ms-rterangepaste-end"></span><span id="ms-rterangepaste-end"></span><span id="ms-rterangepaste-end"></span><h2 style="text-align:center;"><span style="color:rgb(191, 0, 113);">COVID-19 Mobile Testing Van</span></h2><p style="text-align:center;">No cost​ testing for those without insurance. The Mobile Testing Van offers viral and antibody tests with <strong>rapid results within 15 minutes</strong>. Testing is limited. Appointments required.<a target="_blank" href="/newsroom/public-works/1455"> Read about the City of Phoenix's Mobile Testing Van</a>.</p><div><span id="ms-rterangepaste-start"></span><span id="ms-rterangepaste-end"></span><span id="ms-rterangepaste-start"></span><span id="ms-rterangepaste-start"></span><span id="ms-rterangepaste-start"></span><span id="ms-rterangepaste-start"></span><span id="ms-rterangepaste-start"></span><span id="ms-rterangepaste-start"></span><h3>Tuesday, January 19, 2021 </h3><p>Devonshire Community Center <br>2802 E. Devonshire Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85016<br>District 6<br>7:15 a.m. – 1:15 p.m. Appointments required at: <a target="_blank" href="https://vincerecancer.com">https://vincerecancer.com</a></p><h3>Thursday, January 21, 2021 </h3><p>Washington Park <br>6655 N 23rd Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85015<br>District 4<br>7:15 a.m. – 1:15 p.m. Appointments required at: <a target="_blank" href="https://vincerecancer.com">https://vincerecancer.com</a></p><h3>Friday, January 22, 2021</h3><p>Cesar Chavez Park<br>7858 S. 35th Ave., Laveen Village, AZ 85339<br>District 7<br>7:15 a.m. – 1:15 p.m. Appointments required at: <a target="_blank" href="https://vincerecancer.com">https://vincerecancer.com</a></p><h3>Saturday, January 23, 2021 </h3><p>Cholla Library<br>10050 N. Metro Pkwy E. Phoenix, AZ 85051<br>District 1<br>7:15 a.m. – 1:15 p.m. Appointments required at: <a target="_blank" href="https://vincerecancer.com">https://vincerecancer.com</a></p><h3>Monday, January 25, 2021 </h3><p>V.H. Lassen Elementary School<br>909 W. Vineyard Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85041<br>District 7 & 8<br>7:15 a.m. – 1:15 p.m. Appointments required at: <a target="_blank" href="https://vincerecancer.com">https://vincerecancer.com</a></p><h3>Tuesday, January 26, 2021</h3><p>Fry’s Food Store <br>4230 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85009<br>District 4<br>7:15 a.m. – 1:15 p.m. Appointments required at: <a target="_blank" href="https://vincerecancer.com">https://vincerecancer.com</a></p><h3>Thursday, January 28, 2021 </h3><p>Fry’s Food Store <br>8325 W. Indian School Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85037<br>District 5<br>7:15 a.m. – 1:15 p.m. Appointments required at: <a target="_blank" href="https://vincerecancer.com">https://vincerecancer.com</a></p><h3>Friday, January 29, 2021</h3><p>Travis Williams Family Services Center<br>4732 S. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85040<br>District 7<br>7:15 a.m. – 1:15 p.m. Appointments required at: <a target="_blank" href="https://vincerecancer.com">https://vincerecancer.com</a></p><h3>Saturday, January 30, 2021 </h3><p>El Oso Park<br>3451 N. 75th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85033<br>District 5<br>7:15 a.m. – 1:15 p.m. Appointments required at: <a target="_blank" href="https://vincerecancer.com">https://vincerecancer.com</a><br></p><span id="ms-rterangepaste-end"></span><span id="ms-rterangepaste-end"></span><span id="ms-rterangepaste-end"></span><span id="ms-rterangepaste-end"></span><h2 style="text-align:center;"><span style="color:rgb(191, 0, 113);">Drive-Thru/Walk-Up Testing Sites</span></h2><span id="ms-rterangepaste-start"></span><span id="ms-rterangepaste-start"></span><span id="ms-rterangepaste-start"></span><span id="ms-rterangepaste-end"></span><h3>Saturday, January 23, 2021</h3><p>Desert West Park<br>6602 W. Encanto Blvd, Phoenix 85035<br>7:00 a.m. – Noon. Appointments encouraged at <a target="_blank" href="https://www.equalityhealthfoundation.org/covid19">https://www.equalityhealthfoundation.org/covid19</a>  </p><p>Saints Simon and Jude Cathedral<br>6351 N. 27th Ave. <br>7:00 a.m.– Noon. Appointments encouraged at <a target="_blank" href="https://www.equalityhealthfoundation.org/covid19">https://www.equalityhealthfoundation.org/covid19</a>  </p><p>Steele Indian School Park<br>300 E. Indian School Road<br>9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Appointments encouraged at <a target="_blank" href="https://www.familytreehealthcare.com/">https://www.familytreehealthcare.com/</a></p><h3>Saturday, January 30, 2021</h3><p><span id="ms-rterangepaste-start"></span>Girls Innovation Academy/Preschool Campus<br>4730 W. Campbell Ave. <br>7:00 a.m. – Noon. Appointments encouraged at <a target="_blank" href="https://www.equalityhealthfoundation.org/covid19">https://www.equalityhealthfoundation.org/covid19</a>  <span id="ms-rterangepaste-end"></span></p><p>NFL Yet College Prep Academy<br>222 E Olympic Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85042<br>7:00 a.m. – Noon. Appointments encouraged at <a target="_blank" href="https://www.equalityhealthfoundation.org/covid19">https://www.equalityhealthfoundation.org/covid19</a> </p><p>Steele Indian School Park<br>300 E. Indian School Road<br>9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Appointments encouraged at <a target="_blank" href="https://www.familytreehealthcare.com/">https://www.familytreehealthcare.com/</a></p><span id="ms-rterangepaste-end"></span><span id="ms-rterangepaste-end"></span><span id="ms-rterangepaste-end"></span><span id="ms-rterangepaste-start"></span><p>   </p><h4>Media Contact</h4><p>Yvette Roeder <br>Cell: <span lang="EN">602-501-0620<br>Email <a target="_blank">yvette.roeder@phoenix.gov</a></span></p></div> </html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/emergencyNews
Phoenix Distributes Thousands of Laptops to Local Schoolshttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/education/1715Education1/20/2021 5:00:00 PMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/1715/Newsroom_Education_013.jpgPhoenix Distributes Thousands of Laptops to Local Schools<div class="ExternalClass44A6C10A341A40788A6D64D862FAA45C"><html> <p>To keep students connected and ready for distance learning, the city of Phoenix and School Connect have partnered to provide internet-enabled laptops to assist local schools in closing the technology gap. </p> <p>"The digital divide has only been amplified by the current COVID-19 crisis. It is more crucial than ever to provide our students, families and educators with the tools they need to continue learning, despite interruptions to traditional in-person schooling," said Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego. "With the distribution of approximately 10,000 devices, I'm proud the city has stepped up to make distanced learning more manageable, accessible and equitable."</p> <p>As the pandemic continues, the digital divide has become even more challenging for local school districts. One issue is that devices and laptops are often returned to schools damaged. The laptops provided by this partnership will help schools achieve and maintain a 1:1 student-to-device ratio for grades K-12. </p> <p>"School Connect and Scottsdale Bible Church are grateful to partner with the city to make it possible for students to have equitable access to online resources," said Tracey Beal, Executive Director, School Connect. "Every laptop purchased will enable the students to achieve academic success using the technology they need."  </p> <p>The Phoenix City Council approved $2 million in CARES Act funding and School Connect received a $1 million donation from Scottsdale Bible Church to purchase the devices. The laptops will become the property of the school districts who will be responsible for creating guidelines for issuing, maintaining and monitoring the student devices. </p> <p>Phoenix has implemented a variety of measures to help address the local digital divide, from providing <a href="/newsroom/housing/1406" target="_blank"><span lang="EN">devices to families and seniors</span></a> in local housing facilities to expanding <a href="/newsroom/information-technology-services/1551" target="_blank"><span lang="EN">mobile Wi-Fi access</span></a> in the community. <br></p> <span id="ms-rterangepaste-end"></span> </html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/educationNews



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Face Coverings Requiredhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/AdBox/DispForm.aspx?ID=18https://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/AdBox/Attachments/18/Mask_Slider.jpgFace Coverings Required<div class="ExternalClass8DE6AF03F13B43BAB7648EA69C9E912F"><html>​Every person in the city of Phoenix, ages two and over, shall cover their nose and mouth whenever they are away from their home or residence. Learn more about this declaration<br></html></div>Newshttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/em-and-hs/13536/19/2020 8:18:55 PM2/28/2021 8:18:55 PM

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