Block Party Frequently Asked Questions

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​​Can We Close Our Street For A Block Party?

Yes, many local streets can be closed when residents are in agreement and access for the rest of the neighborhood is not blocked. Phoenix neighborhoods close streets for nearly 200 block parties each year, in all parts of the City. Phoenix's Block Party Street Closure process requires residents to circulate a Hold Harmless Agreement petition to affected homes and to furnish barricades on the day of the closure.  To request a Hold Harmless petition, please contact 602-262-6235.

Does My Event Qualify For A Block Party Permit?

Your event may qualify for a block party permit if you live in a residential area AND the participants are limited to you and neighbors who live on your street. If the event is open to people living outside of your neighborhood, you do not not qualify for a free Block Party permit. In this case, you must go through the Street Transportation Department special event process. To get more information and submit a special event application​, visit the city's Street Closures for Special Events website - $400 non-refundable application fee is required for all special events in the right-of-way.

Which Streets Can Be Closed For A Block Party And How Late Can I Have A Block Party?

Local streets and non-emergency streets can be blocked off, while arterial and collector streets cannot be blocked off. All block parties must be concluded by 11:00 p.m.

What Is The Deadline To Submit The Hold Harmless Agreement?

Hold Harmless Agreements must be received two weeks prior to the party. Once we receive the completed Hold Harmless Agreement, we will send you an authorization letter for the block party.

How Many Signatures Do I Need To Obtain?

You must notify and obtain signatures from residents of all households living along both sides of the street that you want to block off. All addresses must be accounted for!

What Do I Do When Someone Is On Vacation, Refuses To Sign, The Lot Is Vacant, Or They Are Not At Home?

Vacation, refuses to sign, or vacant lot: Please note on the Hold Harmless Agreement petition that the owner is on vacation, refused to sign, or lot is vacant. All addresses must be accounted for!

Not Home: Leave a note on the door informing them of the request for a block party street closure and ask the owner to call you when they return. This will make it easier for you to schedule a time to visit them and obtain their signature.

How Much Does It Cost?

There is no charge for a block party. Your only cost is in furnishing the traffic barricades and signs necessary to close the street.

Does The City Provide The Barricades Or The Signs?

No, the City cannot provide the barricades, but the yellow pages under "Barricades" lists many companies that rent barricades. You may want to call several because prices vary.

What Kind Of Barricades Will I Need?

You will need a total of four "Type I" barricades, two on each end of the street. You will also need one "Street Closed" sign on each end of the street, placed on one of the barricades. You will need barricades with flashers if the party is after dark.

Block Party Barricades 

Where Can I Get More Information?

For additional information about hosting a block party on a city street, call the Street Transportation Department at 602-262-6235.