Frequently Asked Questions About Maps

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What is GIS?
It is a Geographic Information or Geographical Information System (GIS). In the strictest sense, GIS is a computer system capable of integrating, storing, editing, analyzing, sharing, and displaying geographically-referenced information. In a more generic sense, GIS is a tool that allows users to create interactive queries, analyze the spatial information, and edit data. The city uses ESRI products.

What is the Landbase?
A GIS map displaying public and city owned right-of-ways, alleys, properties, easements, dimensions, street names and documentation.  This map is built from legally recorded documents such as subdivision plats, ordinances, resolutions, and ownership deeds.

What is a Quarter Section Map?
A map displaying the Landbase in one quarter of one section, measuring a half mile squared (width and length) or 160 acres.  The city has identified quarter sections with a numbering system giving each a unique number.  Ex. QS10-27.  The QS stands for quarter section, the first two numbers represent a vertical location, the last two number represent a horizontal location.  See the QS-Index map to find your quarter section.

What do these symbols, abbreviation and hatching mean?
See a complete list of Symbols and Abbreviations  The hatching on the map is a visual representation of an unapproved lot split determined by the Planning and Development Se​rvice Department

What type of easements are mapped?
See the complete List of Valid Easement Types

What type of recorded deeds are mapped?
See a complete List of Valid Recorded Deeds

How can I get a copy of: GIS data, Quarter Section Maps, Aerials?
Central Records sells all related data.

What formats are available?

GDB – File GeoDatabase

SHP – Shapefile

DWG – Drawingfile

DXF – Drawing Exchange Format