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Phoenix Connected Active Neighborhoods (PhxCAN)​

 About PhxCAN

During year one of this initiative, the Street Transportation Department's Phoenix Connected Active Neighborhoods Program (PhxCAN)​ will focus on the Central City and South Mountain villages.  

PhxCAN Village Surveys

​To gather community input, an initial online survey was available in English and Spanish from December 1, 2023 through January 31, 2024. As the PhxCAN team moved into Phase 2 of developing project needs for the Central City and South Mountain villages​, residents were asked to provide additional input by participating in a second online survey that was available in English and Spanish from March 19 to May 7, 2024.

Thank you to those we participated in the survey process. Valuable feedback was gathered that will help guide bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure improvements in these villages. 

What is the PhxCAN Program?

The Phoenix Connected Active Neighborhoods Program (PhxCAN) is a community-focused approach to improve bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure citywide. The program will take a deep dive into each of the city’s 15 urban villages to address transportation safety concerns, needs and wants. Annually, the Street Transportation Department will focus on two urban villages. A list of projects will be implemented within each village during a one to two year period. 

After extensive community engagement and participation, each village’s specific needs and priorities will be identified, and a list of quick build (fast projects) and capital projects (big projects) will be developed to make walking, biking and rolling safer and more comfortable. ​​

PhxCAN DO Community Connectors

The PhxCAN Design and Outreach Community Connectors act as community ambassadors between community members and the project team. They provide guidance on the overall process and engagement strategy, and actively participate in outreach efforts with the community. Connectors are deeply tied to the village they represent and advocate for the values, interests and needs of their village. 


  • Have roots in or long-established relationships with the communities they represent

  • Deeply engage their community

  • Provide a diverse representation of community perspectives

The Connectors for each village are a resource to help residents get involved in the PhxCAN program.​

Meet the Central City Village Community Connectors Meet the South Mountain Village Community Connectors

Community Engagement

During late 2023 and early 2024, the PhxCAN team and the Community Connectors attended community events, and led walking and listening tours to hear from residents and identify opportunities to improve the transportation network. Thank you to the many community members who participated and provided valuable input

In spring 2024, The PhxCAN project team and Community Connectors participated in a series of events and activities in the Central City and South Mountain villages to provide updated information to residents. 

Once a list of projects has been selected in those villages, the Street Transportation Department will begin the implementation process.

In fall 2024, community outreach efforts will begin for the Alhambra and Maryvale villages.​​

Community Walks

The P​hxCAN team led a community walk in the Central City and South Mountain villages on Saturday, January 20, 2024. 

Community members participated in a one-mile loop walk, with stops along the way to discuss important connections and locations, and to review existing sidewalks, intersections and other active transportation needs for those villages.

The Central City Village walk started at Harmon Park, 1425 S. 5th Ave., while the South Mountain Village walk stepped off from El Reposo Park, 212 E. Alta Vista Rd. 

View a map of the Central City Village walk route

View a map of the South Mountain Village walk route

PhxCAN Program Schedule​​​

What is Active Transportation?

Active Transportation refers to walking, biking and rolling. "Rolling" is a term used to describe the many small-wheeled transportation devices that people use to get around, such as wheelchairs, scooters and skateboards. Those devices help people travel at speeds similar to walking or biking. ​

Learn about Phoenix's Active Transportation Program

Learn about Phoenix's Urban Villages

The City of Phoenix is divided into 15 urban villages. Each village has a Village Planning Committee (VPC) appointed by City Council. The VPCs assist the Planning Commission in the performance of its duties. VPCs are part of the city's Planning and Development Department.​ 

View a map of the 15 urban villages and learn more about the Village Planning Committees.​​

Contact the PhxCAN Team​

Have a question or comment about PhxCAN​​?

Email: phxcan@phoenix.gov​​​

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