New Street Light Program

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In January of 1990, the Phoenix City Council approved a reduction in the spacing of streetlights in the City of Phoenix. This change allowed streetlights on residential streets to be spaced approximately 250 feet apart. On most residential streets, this spacing already occurs. If it does not, the street may qualify for the New Streetlight Program.

What is the process?
When a request is made for a new streetlight, the Street Transportation Department will:

  • Perform and investigation to determine if an additional streetlight is warranted.
  • Review the area for active city programs, new development projects, and City of Phoenix projects in order to determine if future lights have already been programmed for installation.
  • Review the area to determine if there are any obstructions that will interfere with the placement of the light.

The requestor will be notified within seven working days if the installation of a new streetlight is possible.

In order to continue processing the request, a majority (70%) of the residents within 100 feet of the proposed streetlight must sign a petition approving the light. Street Transportation staff will prepare the petition and a map showing the proposed location of the streetlight and the addresses of the residents that live within 100 feet of the proposed light. This will be mailed to the requestor, and it is the responsibility of the requestor to gather all of the necessary signatures.

The petition will contain a boxed area with the heading, Agreement for Electrical Conductor Easement. Sometimes it is necessary for the property owner adjacent to the streetlight to donate a three foot easement on their property in order to extend a power line. If the property owner is not willing to donate the easement, it may not be possible to install the light in the location requested.

After the petition is returned to the Street Transportation Department with the required signatures, the request is forwarded to the appropriate electrical services provider (APS or SRP) for design and scheduled for installation. Installation of the streetlight normally occurs within six to twelve months if funding is available and the property owner is willing to provide an easement.

The City of Phoenix assumes all costs for the installation, energy, and maintenance for standard streetlights that qualify under this program.

How do I make a request?
To request a new streetlight, call 602-262-6772 and provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Daytime Phone Number
  • Location of proposed streetlight installation

​Or use the New ​Residential Str​eet Light Request Form