Resident Permit Parking Program

 Application Information

Two types of permits are available for purchase:

Resident permits are assigned to vehicles that are registered to the applicant/address. Resident permits are $10.00.

Visitor permits are used by guests or service vehicles. Visitor Permits are limited to three per household and are $5.00 each.

Annotation 2022-11-17 134838.pngMail the application, required documentation, and check/money order to:

Resident Parking Permit Program
200 W. Washington Street, 6th Floor
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Payment made payable to Phoenix City Treasurer.

​*Appointment required for in-person drop-off

​Required documentation:
A copy of your photo identification and proof of residency is required. An acceptable form of proof of residency is a vehicle registration or utility bill. The name and address on the proof of residency must match the application. 

Contact the Resident Permit Parking Program office at 
(602)262-4659 or email​

All permits must be renewed annually.


What is intruder parking?
Parking inside a neighborhood by individuals visiting businesses, events, and/or commercial properties adjacent to the neighborhood.

Are residents who live in a RPPP area required to purchase a parking permit?
No. Purchasing a parking permit is optional. You may decide to purchase the annual parking permit or refrain from parking on the street during restricted hours.

How long is the process to establish a new RPPP area?
It can take several months to establish a new area. 

Can I park in areas that have RPPP signs posted?
You may only park in the area that is indicated on the permit. Parking in an alternate area will subject you to a fine. The permit does not guarantee and/or reserve a parking space within a parking permit area. Parking is first-come, first-serve.

How are the restrictions enforced?
The Police Department will issue tickets to vehicles that are in violation of the parking restriction. Enforcement is made by routine police patrol or contact Parking Enforcement at (602)534-7733 or

 Large Gatherings

​​Planning a gathering
Notify the Street Transportation Department with the details at least two weeks in advance to request a parking exemption for guests.

If approved, you are required to notify neighbors and cover the parking signs for the duration of the party. Police will be notified to refrain from issuing tickets during the party.

Click here to request a parking exemption. ​


How does a neighborhood become eligible?
To qualify, the following conditions must exist:​

  • ​​Confirmation that the On-Street Parking Zone Program did not solve parking intrusion concerns. 
  • The program Fact Sheet must be distributed to impacted residents.
  • ​Submittal of a Traffic Stud​y Request Form. A study will be conducted to determine ethe ligibility requirements established by the U.S. Supreme Court. 
  • ​​A public meeting will be conducted if the traffic study requirements are met. The findings of the study and available options will be shared with residents. 
  • The neighborhood will become eligible for the program if the traffic study is approved. Street Transportation Department will identify the approved area and request the City Council amend City Ordinance Section 36-157 to create a new RPPP area.
  • Residents of qualifying neighborhoods are required to pay a fee.