Street Resurfacing Information

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The Street Transportation Department resurfaces streets on an as-needed basis, with resurfacing projects planned three to four years in advance.   
Streets are selected for resurfacing based on a variety of factors, including:

  • Changes in surface condition due to weather

  • Effect of traffic volume 

  • Utility conflicts 

  • Budgetary constraints

Streets that will be resurfaced in the next one to two years have already been identified and are in the middle of the preparation process.  It is not uncommon for a street that is scheduled to be resurfaced two years from now to be moved further out in the program due to lack of funding, or possibly because another street has deteriorated more over time and is in greater need. It is also not uncommon for a street that was not scheduled for resurfacing for at least five years to be completed sooner due to recent deterioration.