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Public Input Wanted!

Downtown East-West Bicycle Connectivity Public Meeting and Project Updates

Get Involved and Volunteer

Downtown East-West Bicycle Connectivity Public Meeting - October 28, 2019 at 7 p.m. ​


Push button for green light sign 

Contact the Bicycle Coordinator to discover more ways to improve bicycling in your community.​

Phoenix is always looking for feedback on its bicycling programs and its plans for future bicycle infrastructure.  Here you can learn more about opportunities to share your views and what other communities are doing to promote a healthy bicycling lifestyle.

Subcommittees ​​

Phoenix Bicycle Initiative Subcommittee

The Subcommittee is a body of the public, devoted to making bicycling safe, convenient and comfortable. Read meeting minutes here.

Design Guide 

NACTO National Association of City Transportation Officials

NACTO encourages the exchange of transportation ideas, insights, and practices among large central cities while fostering a cooperative approach to key national transportation issues. View the Urban Bikeway Design Guide Here

AZ MAG committees 

MAG Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee

The committee encourages the implementation of pedestrian and bicycle-related projects for funding from federal and other sources as well as activities to inform the region about the benefits of biking and walking.

Maricopa Regional Plan from July 2007 

MAG Regional Bikeways Plan

Provide an interconnected regional system of bikeways that contributes to a vibrant, healthy, livable community.

Bikeability checklist 

Bikeability Checklist

How bikeable is your community? The Bikeability Checklist can help you find the answer.


Bicycle Friendly Community Program

The Bicycle Friendly Community Program (BFC) provides a roadmap to improve conditions for bicycling in your community and offers national recognition for communities that actively support bicycling.


To file a report on street conditions or request additional information, please contact the City's Bicycle Coordinator.