Bicycle Master Plan

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This planning document will set the course for the next 20 years for the development, growth and connectivity of bicycle facilities in Phoenix. This plan is intended to provide a framework for decision-making to greatly expand and improve bicycling facilities within Phoenix. These facilities are to make it safer and easier for bicyclists to travel throughout the city and make connections to adjacent communities as a part of the regional bicycle transportation network. The intent of the plan is to identify specific actions for Phoenix to take, along with an implementation schedule, and provide quantifiable outcomes to measure the success in meeting the goals of the plan.

The Phoenix Bicycle Master Plan is a comprehensive and collaborative effort that had considerable input from numerous city departments. While this plan was developed under the direction of the Street Transportation Department and the Phoenix Bicycle Coordinator, considerable input was also provided by the Police, Planning and Development Services, Parks and Recreation, and Transit Departments. The lead consultant for this project is Lee Engineering, LLC, along with substantial guidance and support from sub consultants Charlier Associates, Inc. and Toole Design Group.​​ ​

Below is the draft Comprehensive Bicycle Master Plan and appendices.