13th St, Van Buren to Moreland St



This project will evaluate and construct street, sidewalk and drainage improvements along 13th Street to meet current city requirements for a Local (Single Family Residential) street.

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions​ 

Project Highlights

  • Install a new storm drain system
  • Review and reconstruct existing sidewalks and curb ramps for accessibility (ADA) requirements, and repair sidewalk sections in disrepair
  • Review and upgrade street lighting where needed
  • Coordinate new landscaping with adjacent property owners in some locations

Goals of the Project

  • Make improvements to meet current city standards for a local, residential street. 13th Street currently does not have continuous or consistent amenities typically found on other local city streets.
  • Improve roadway surface
  • Improve pedestrian and ADA accessibility
  • Improve drainage

Roll Plot Showing Project Features

Project Schedule

Design was completed in December 2021 and is being reviewed

Construction antipated to begin Fall 2022

Project Contact

​Michael Cano

(602) 262-4054

Albert Granillo

Public Information Coordinator

623-825-3444​ or email agranillo@gciaz.com.


Updated November 2022

​Video of August 12 Virtual Meeting