Changes to Traffic Lane Striping

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collage of street painteing crew

As part of the Street Transportation Department’s core mission, we strive to improve the city’s roadways to create a safe and efficient transportation network.

Listed below are proposed safety improvement ​projects that would change current roadway striping. This could include the addition of bicycle lanes, buffered bicycle lanes, edge striping to guide traffic, or parking modifications.

We welcome and value your input on these projects. Click each project to learn more about how to ​provide input.​

Proposed Lane Changes

​​Campbell Ave. from 67th Ave. to 59th Ave.​

19th Ave. from Telegraph Pass Rd. to Dobbins Rd.

Roosevelt St. from 15th Ave. to 7th Ave.

Fillmore St. from 7th Avenue to Central Avenue

Garfield-Edison Park Proposed Bike Improvements (Villa/Fillmore Bike Boulevard)​

3rd St. from Rio Salado to Lincoln St. Connector​

Thomas Rd. from 48th St. to 56th St.

McDowell Rd. Revitalization Project 

Downtown North-South Bikeway Study

68th St., Chauncey Ln., Princess Dr., Allied Way

Lane Changes Moving Forward

3rd Ave. from Indian School Rd. to Camelback Rd.

Osborn Rd. from 19th Ave. to 11th Ave.

3rd Ave. and 5th Ave. North of McDowell Rd.

45th Ave. from Grand Canal to Camelback Rd.

55th Ave. from Thomas Rd. to Camelback Rd.

University Dr. / Riverview Dr. from 7th St. to 16th St.

7th St. from Mineral Rd. to Dobbins Rd.

Hatcher Rd. from Central Ave. to 12th St.

Completed Lane Changes

3rd Ave. from Thomas Rd. to Osborn Rd.

Maryland Ave. from 3rd Ave. to 20th St.

Hatcher Rd. from 19th Ave. to Central Ave.

Fillmore St. from Central Ave. to 7th St.