Proposed Modifications to Existing Roadway Striping

As part of the Street Transportation Department’s core mission, we are actively looking to improve the City's roadways to create a safe and efficient transportation network. 

In line with this effort, we have identified the pavement maintenance program as an integral opportunity to modify the existing striping configuration on select streets to promote a street design that improves safety for people who walk, drive, ride bikes and use transit.

Listed below are details about the striping modifications we are proposing to make on some of the streets that are programmed to soon receive pavement maintenance. Also, listed below are the public input opportunities for these proposed projects. 



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Striping Modifications

​Project Status

​Public Input Opportunities

​Pavement Maintenance Timeline

​40th Street: Loop 202 to McDowell Road

​Moving Forward

​5/09/19 Public Meeting


7th - 1st Avenues: Portland, Roosevelt, McKinley and Fillmore Streets​Proposed10/28/19 Public Meeting​2019
​3rd & 5th Avenues Improvement Project - North of McDowell Road
​Proposed​11/12/19 Public Meeting​TBD

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If you have questions or wish to submit comments, please contact:

Phone: 602-534-9529